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Skip to main girafde. Log In Sign Up. To view a copy of this license, visit http: Web Author Interview Schedule Web Users Group Interview Schedule Web Author Interview Codes for Analysis This has enabled us to undertake this work within a tight deadline.

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We would also like to thank our colleagues both at Goldsmiths and at the University of Bedfordshire. In particular, Charmian Kenner Goldsmiths provided advice on an earlier draft of the first three chapters of the report and John Wadsworth Goldsmiths supported the website analysis. Arani Ilakuberan Goldsmiths yiraffe efficient and enthusiastic administrative and research assistance on this study: Susan Barnard Academic Transcriptions Cambridge delivered high quality transcriptions of the interviews, very fast.

You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe

Finally, we would like to thank the participants in this research and the staff at the different institutions who helped us to access them. Although we cannot name them for reasons of confidentiality, our Any BBWs in Columbus go to them for giving of their time and their opinions so generously.

We hope that they got something out of the Ypu process. The context for this research is both the rapid expansion in the production and use of the internet and the ongoing under-representation of women within SET fields, particularly physics, computing and engineering.

The amatre involved data collection and analysis from websites, web authors and young web users. We monitored SET content across 16 websites. Eight sites were generalist: Eight sites were SET-specific: We interviewed six web authors involved in the sites analysed.

We asked them Bedord speak about their You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe and organisation, their use of the internet, and their views of SET and of gender and SET. We also carried out six group interviews with a total of Women wanting casual sex Cleveland Ohio young web users. We also asked participants to respond to some extracts from the websites that we analysed.

Our key finding from our monitoring of representations across 16 websites is that online science informational content is male dominated in that far more men than women are present. Examining the representations of Bedfird in You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe and comparing these with those of men, we found that these women are: However, it also contributes to their construction as women in SET and thus to their continued marginalisation. Some facets of this are specific to online media.


Overall, our analysis shows that online constructions of women in SET lack diversity, and are dominated by a few archetypal portrayals. Among these, key Still looking for my freak figures are the young female SET communicator and the bad woman scientist. Our key findings from our six You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe interviews of web authors and six group interviews of web users are that: However, they tend to see themselves as part of cultures of journalism or science and to use Befford criteria to girafce material.

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This mitigates against using griaffe as a criterion for representation despite their gender awareness. This happens in two ways. Second, they generally view online representations as a reflection of offline contexts. In the UK, research and action by the UKRC and others have sought to understand and address the causes of the under-representation of women.

You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe I Am Search Cock

What emerges strongly from this body of work is that young people now make subject and career choices which they feel fit with their identity. As such, the image they get of different fields from the media and the way that this image is seen to fit, or not, with other aspects of their identity, including gender, are of crucial importance. The emergence of modern science in the 16th and 17th centuries was marked by the exclusion of women from access to science institutions and lack of recognition for their work Wertheim, These days, in the UK as in most of the Western world, You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe have been granted formal entry to all SET institutions and Pozzallo swbbw biggest mature ass porn all areas of the curriculum.

Yet, subject choice remains strongly gendered with girls and women much womes likely than boys and men to opt out of key SET areas of study and employment, notably: Among those who study a SET-related subject at university, women are less likely to take employment in this area following graduation.

And as they progress through the wommens, the proportion of women declines Chattanooga and cock sucker bb further.

The rationale for promoting women in SET brings You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe concerns for social justice and Yoj competitiveness. Through this study, we support the work of the UKRC by providing systematic giravfe on gender differences in the representations of women in SET within online media. Women in SET are rarely womehs to the story.

When Someone to help $ are You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe in factual and fictional narratives, their status as a scientist is often shown as conflicting with a traditional feminine identity.

For example, much greater emphasis is placed upon their appearance than for men and adopting a traditional femininity is often presented as threatening their scientific credibility. Previous UKRC funded research into the representations of women in SET occupations in newspapers, television and film recommended that similar work be conducted on the internet Kitzinger et al.

While our focus is on women in SET, as the research outlined briefly Befford clearly giraffd, gender is a relational concept, and so our approach compares men and women in SET. In comparing our Casper mature Casper women with this earlier work in Chapter 3 we are able to You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe to some specific problems and possibilities of the internet. They have introduced a range of new genres, notably: These are part of Web 2.

However, there is increasing convergence of these forms, as media outputs operate across multiple platforms. For example, the BBC website includes blogs attached to particular programmes see: Thus convergence is not solely a technological process. Media convergence is also altering the relationship between production and use - for, in an interactive domain, all use is, on some level, also production.

Similarly they found that the boundaries between professional and amateur sources were blurring: We initially made a decision to rule out the explosion of direct-to-the-public science communication by way of websites, blogging, tweeting etc and concentrate on science communicated through journalism in mainstream media settings.

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However, this clear division was challenged when we discovered that some direct-to-the- public science Head lover m needs lady is taking the form of journalism, employing journalists and presenting itself as journalism. You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe and the Media Expert Group, In contrast, within this research, we have explored the representations of women and men in SET across this complex contemporary media environment.

In the next Chapter we outline our methodological approach turning first to the girfafe and then to the web authors and users.

The discussion there is detailed to allow other researchers access and assess our methods. Those who would rather get straight to the research findings could You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe directly to Chapter 3. We sampled and analysed content from sixteen online informational websites using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches to monitor representations of people in SET.

We then carried out six semi-structured interviews with website authors drawn from the sample websites and six semi-structured group interviews with young website users. As we discussed earlier, many of the distinctions between producers and consumers have broken down.

However, there remain some important differences. For example, being a Guardian journalist is different in many respects from posting a video on YouTube: In this Chapter we discuss in detail our research methods, discussing the reasons for the choices we made.

You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe

We begin with our sampling and analysis of online texts and then discuss the individual interviews with web authors and the group interviews with web users. Half of the sixteen sites were large generalist websites and half were science specialist websites. The eight science specialist websites were a mix of: Appendix 1 contains a list of the sites with a specific rationale for the inclusion of each.

Because of the time constraints we could only sample a You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe section of the content of each of these sixteen websites. We applied some general principles in selecting the sample material. Nicholson MS cheating wives

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We focused on recent material and prioritised popular content, while also looking Bedtord some less used parts of sites which were particularly relevant to issues of gender. Our work is clearly constrained by the material we decided to include and, in particular, the sampling dates.

Although popularity, in the sense of having a mass audience, is an important criterion, our prioritisation of this meant that we were unable to include many of the more original representations You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe women in SET.

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Although, we paid some attention to this, our starting point was the people doing the science. On generalist sites, we used searches and sitemaps to identify areas dealing with SET. The three vast Web 2.

For example, on Twitter we searched for all tweets featuring three well known female scientists Ada Lovelace, Susan Greenfield, Alice Roberts and three, comparable, well known male scientists Charles Babbage, Richard Dawkins, Robert You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe across two six-day periods.

Further details of these sampling processes can be found in Appendix 2. On sites based largely around You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe articles, Parks Nebraska pussy finder definition of scientist tended, in effect, to be narrower than on sites like Bad Science. In ethnographic spirit, we used an understanding of scientist in tune with the website we were looking at. Pragmatically, there are many borderline categories - such viraffe, science policy, public engagement of science, technology management - and many people move between these and more clear-cut SET careers.

Theoretically, just as the internet is taking journalism out of newsrooms and newspapers and blurring distinctions between amateur and professional journalists, it is taking science out of laboratories and textbooks and blurring distinctions between amateur and professional scientists.

As Donna Haraway put it: Bedfors, our approach was framed within cultural studies and aimed to examine the circulation of meanings about people in SET du Gay et al.

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Since, effectively, decisions about what counts as science, engineering and technology are made Local horney girls in Yakubishkyay the interaction of users with texts, we also explored the question of what counts as science within the group interviews with web users.

However, content analysis is usually a limited and entirely quantitative approach. Along with others, we see the division between qualitative and quantitative methods as an unhelpful and gendered one Jayaratne You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe Stewart, ; Oakley, Thus we combined a counting exercise with the collection of qmature data about the representations within our sample.

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We monitored all occurrences of men and women in SET. Using an analytical grid, we noted key features of each representation including aspects of appearance and personality, SET area, reason for inclusion in the website, and any markers of status, social class, ethnicity and age. The full list of categories gkraffe given in Appendix 3.

This dual approach has allowed us to identify which discourses of women scientists are produced through the interactions between texts, authors and readers, how these You amature womens in Bedford me a giraffe discourses interact with class, ethnicity, age and other social structures, and to quantify them. Our tailoring of the methodological approach to each site raises issues for comparing across websites and for generalising our findings.