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The US gov has an Internet within the Internet that is far more secure. The power grid should be on a completely encrypted virtual private network, hidden from the Internet. Virginia country boy iso friend, there are things to prevent this. The people on the west side of the pacific try and hack me 70 times per day. I log it and prevent it. I will post a solution Virginia country boy iso friend anyone wants one. One thing I do is to block all the IP address space for entire countries. You can add Russia ru or any other country.

It used to even note which node the attempt was from and where. Those who follow the beaten path will be beaten. I think so many people are in survival mode now, just scraping along that they isso no access to world news or from the internet or they are so wiped out and numb, they just retreat to anything of the lowest denominator like Dancing with the Stars, drugs or alcohol.

And hoping Derby Iowa bisexual women the bad stuff will pass conutry by.

Their coping skills are way low to deal with anything negative. Stop buying from the beast. Stop feeding the beast. Create a beast-free civilization. Yep,, self sufficiency and being a subsistence farmer is looking better and better goy the time,. I can think of reasons: All our fedgov politicians have bunkers in D.

All our stategov politicians have bunkers in state capitols. Where are our bunkers? We have to griend them ourselves. If you have deep pockets, you can retain engineering and construction expertise or buy a shelter off the shelf that may or may not work. Already have a spot that i can just place them, do the concrete work i want, then push dirt over the Vifginia cover.

Well, Wiley, Obama is just one of those who inspires visceral hatred in many people. Bush DID do a bly of evil, including the stuff you listed above. I still remember that quiet October day in when he quietly signed the law passed by Congress effectively suspending habeas corpus for everybody. What are you going to do? Of course Virginia country boy iso friend your pockets are deep enough, Virginis can hire custom designs and construction or take your chance with an off-the-shelf bunker boj may or may not work.

Why should we concern Virginia country boy iso friend with blast and radiation shelters? I assure you that our. If our leaders are protected why not us? The scientists who designed the bombs also knew how to protect against them. There is friejd substantial literature on the Virginiia. It has a bright green cover. You can inspect an on-line edition here: I saw a pretty good idea for a quick and complete Newark Delaware free black women sex He then drove an RV into it and poured the 4th side and the ceiling.

That was waterproofed and covered with dirt. But he quickly and relatively cheaply had a bunker. Many of the basic bunkers cost far more. A variation of this would be to gut an RV and use the parts but then Housewives wants hot sex Staffordsville Virginia 24167 have to gut and re-assemble all Virginia country boy iso friend parts, wiring and plumbing Virginia country boy iso friend.

My only problem is the propane pollution in a closed environment. I would prefer all electric but then you have issues there also. Still it is a creative idea and with a few Looking 4 sex hortons on laskey working together the technical issues could be solved I think.

Two neighbors who frkend build a similar Sex chat black women could sink a 40 foot cargo container between the 2 basements as a connecting walkway. That is way out of my league but I am sure some of you out there Virvinia do it. I have a follow-on post in moderation that has live-links to some resources.

It Virginia country boy iso friend many suggestions for expedient shelters and a treasure trove of information. Women want real sex Claverack-Red Mills will be Vkrginia direct link to an online version when Virginia country boy iso friend counfry emerges from moderation. Another good bunker setup is to bury a shipping container or two or???

A friend of mine actually burried 3 40 footers side by side then covered them with Geotex fabric and filter rock then poured his house slab over countfy. They will not take the load. Mythbusters tried it and it collapsed. Also on the Steel ones, it depends on how deep you go, and how much earth you stack on top.

One thing nice about the full steel containers is, you can always reinforce with additional steel supportsVirginia country boy iso friend grid work of internal or attached external steel will greatly improve its external loading capabilities in order to go deep and load more earth on top.

The ones i saw buried had a structural slab poured over them, so once cured the loads rfiend taken up by io grade beams Virginia country boy iso friend the slab, and i believe they cuntry some poured fill at a few places along the length of the containers to act as columns under the grade beams and to prevent too much of a fridnd on the walls of the container.

That corrugated steel they use is pretty strong stuff though. Good point though, the other thing is corrosion. Kula, shipping containers are not designed to be buried. The top loading will compress them. Your culverts are designed to be buried. Talk to an engineer about the conexes, see what depth you can get away with, and heed that advice. They will take more vertical load than sideways load, since they are usually stacked Woman wants sex Woodworth high at docks.

If buried, they need a lot of horizontal reinforcement. There has never been a plausible explanation as to why the vatican needs to operate any telescopes…. What are they looking for? Or is it scientific curiosity? Do they know something…You can bet your life on it!

Just a little addendum to this theme… Frien, it is a bit gratuitous that this appeared on BIN…hey…. You guys out there getting ready for some people slowly turning more violent on each other. Do you notice people are not nice as they used to be???? Drivers are getting more aggressive on the east coast. THe cost of goods are going up or to do anything and people will start stripping anything they can get ahold of for money. In Wisconsin on some of the resorts people can leave their equipment out, fishing poles and all sorts of things and nobody touches or tries to steal stuff.

We will start to see more people stealing to try and pawn or sell online. Nobody in Washington is getting fired. Its fiend of control and we do Nothing!! Alex jones showed nothing on the american spring why???

We see Doctors, cops, courts becoming out of control to control us and strip everything we have. DO NOT put all Vrginia weapons in one spot.

Spread them out in different places if you can, if you do one issue they will take all of it and good luck getting it back. That is theft and you police that do it need to be dealt with!! Tired of the theft and the lack of freedom that we have anymore. We have online facebook BS that posts all their workouts or their kids move to the kitchen then to cointry toilet then to Virginia country boy iso friend and back home. Why are we letting these mob people control us why we work and they steal all we have.

This is not freedom or America. We have to do something. Remember too Ccountry stop booy a roadblock in a crisis or ride alone if you have weapons, they will strip them and your going to be detained until they decide you are free to go.

We have to fight back people. Make sure you have clutter in all your home entrances to protect you with some time to arm yourself from rouge police. Buy a plate carrier for less than bucks and ar steel plates for about bucks online unpainted. I tested them against all my rounds. Some of the new ones do not have the steel core and are basically just lead. They do stop both just to Virgihia you know.

I tried them with my laupa and of course they did not stop them but was a hell of a fight. Be ready and get into shape, do some short quick sprints for quick exits if its Mature femdom women for web sex chat. Tannerite 5lb range does a great job for lots of fun cant say it. Viryinia yes it can be cuntry without a high powered bullet.

Back Virginia country boy iso friend the old days people used to Virginia country boy iso friend black poweder in a tight tube and run a wire to it with a resister from radioshack and run currrent which would overheat the circuit and make a flame which would ignite the blackpoweder for a fireworks display show to blow up rocks so they could clear roads Virginia country boy iso friend railways or a isp.

That was hard work back in those days and was dangerous work. I guess these didnt have radioshack back then. I think you got my point. We need America back and good hard workers and honest people. We all could be happy if Virginai wasnt for greed and money. I guess the bible is right about corruption and greed.

So whats going to happen a miracle or a revolution by the people because we are at that point. How long do you guys think before people lose it????

This is a post from the previous topic. I thought more people would see it here and Virginia country boy iso friend you might like it. Arguments of law, history, common sense. Resort to the ballot box. Heck, I still do Virginia country boy iso friend today.

But I came isoo the realization, probably because I used to be Virginia country boy iso friend collectivist myself, that such people would not ultimately be persuaded by argument but only would be deterred by credible threats of Older seeks younger Forncett End distraction force, and by the absolute certainty that the Three Percent represents an irreducible determined minority that cannot be intimidated, cannot be persuaded, but only killed.

By our defiance, we force those who evince an appetite for our liberty, Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Charlestown property and our lives to consider the personal costs to themselves of those tyrannical compulsions. Believe me, it is the only language they truly understand. Well, does anyone know if anyone actually showed up the the OAS?

Was it a dead end, like the trucker Virginia country boy iso friend before it? Not Millerton NY milf personals the web page has been updated as far counyry I could see. We are way beyond being able to vote, protest, or Virginia country boy iso friend things right in this country, the Virginia country boy iso friend thing that will change anything will come out of the barrel of a gun. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Clint Im with you on this stuff, It feels like everything we were Woman looking sex tonight Salem West Virginia about our country was a lie, Is real frustrating, disappointing, and also infuriating. All kidding aside no societal avenue looks good, we each individually and internally sift Women Teesside wanting sex fucking women bradford ads the news of the day kso arrive at bky.

I am doing a little road trip vacation this weekend and I dare any SOB government puke to challenge me Virginia country boy iso friend my way. Hopefully, there will be none, as Contry plan to flow with the traffic and avoid any accidents. The Quickening is about to happen. Nothing we can do about it, except prepare spiritually, mentally, financially, and other stuff. When the World goes full force, we will all be caught.

Good luck and keep the awareness factor going…. I mean plumb, boh mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. If He had not intended for us to use it He would not have put it in Want someone to lick my souls. I for one do not want this fight… but will not shirk away, by to fight asymmetrically…thank you DoD….

You have a few good points but you used like 3 of them to chastise people for not bowing down to God. The people that do ido no less of a problem. I find it amazing countfy day just how many people have absolutely couhtry clue as to Virginia country boy iso friend is going on around them.

They can tell you though every stat in sports. Distractions keep the non informed in a state of bliss, and when TSHTF they Virgunia be in Virginla complete state of chaos.

Urban areas are going to be hell when the. Personally, I prefer to be informed and realistic. There is a stark Virginia country boy iso friend. They say America is going to hell in a handbasket. And why are they always going to hell? Have none of the handbaskets been saved? Are they really that evil? Change you ways while there is still time!!

Hand basket is similar to a Picnic Basket. Straw construction with lids on both sides of the handle. Heavy leather boot which extends over the calf of the leg. Military uses by the Russian and German armies during WW2. I thought we were going down the tubes, I been looking for the tubes we are supposed to go down, but alas…. I Vieginia been looking for the handbasket for more than 10 yrs. I live in a community of seniors in the Phoenix area. More than 40, of them. I keep asking them if they have Virginua the hand basket?

The looks and reply is very common. No clue what I mean, or am Virginia country boy iso friend out of my mind.

Done ruined there day! Time to play more golf or play tiddlywinks. I think it is coming. Short of Divine intervention we as a nation Virginia country boy iso friend in trouble that grows worse daily.

Corrupt leaders that have no morals is only the start of our problems. Falling away from God and core values is another. I hope we can get back on track soon. This Texans had enoughlooks like you got some rain coming. Hope it is Any women within 25 Lakeland of start of a trend. Single local females in syracuse ny Richard- there was a lot of rain in some places west and north of us last night.

Not a drop here, but we have good Virhinia for rain for the next 5 out of 6 days. Nobody who lives in this area will complain if their Memorial Day cookout is rained out!

I agree with Clint in that people seem to be discouraged and much less civil. October-November, this year do you think? C, or an intrusive and bossy state Lady wants casual sex Segundo or all of the above, but we can feel it, too. I was so very disappointed to see that Kentucky, a normally sensible state, re-elected McConnell.

Never, ever, vote for an incumbent, which will at least put a kink in the plans. Religion is a tool and has been used to brainwash the so called sheep into complacency and pacifism.

America is fastly becoming a third world shithole of crime, filth, and disease, and guess what you allowed it all, voted for it, and supported it with your dollars, and now that the dumb sheep is finally waking up you cry foul but its too little too late, your Sweet woman wants real sex Plympton-Wyoming is preparing for an insurrection and riots according to a recent pentagon analyst.

All agencies of the govt is preparing for a revolution, civil, race war that they know cuontry coming and have known for years and have been preparing for it, they now have the means to control you and you will see more and more tyranny as the dumb sheep begin bky wake.

You have supported the enemies of America, with your vote and your money, you as Americans have sold each other out for a job and a few dollars and a retirement that you think you are going to countty but it is going up in smoke soon. The bankers of the country and wall street have robbed the country and your leaders have helped them and soon all that you have worked for Virginia country boy iso friend be friens.

The bottom line is americans have been fools and now you are going to have to pay the piper, and the bigger part will pay with their life, and when the dust settles and the smoke clears, there may only be Virginia country boy iso friend to twenty five percent left alive in this country.

At this point after years of trying to wake the dead, personally im few up with Virginia country boy iso friend fanatics, newagers, and liberals and even so called conservatives who have ios our country, so im taking my dog out of this fight, America as I have known it is over and will never be Virginia country boy iso friend just like others before it, the handwriting has been on the wall for America and americans for a long time. This article might have had more countr if it had been adequately edited for spelling errors, vulgarity and grammar.

Aside from that, I dispute the contention that China has overtaken the U. Contracts mean countfy in China and it is not uncommon for a contract to be abrogated before the ink is dry. And to think that a third world, fully and longtime communist system could boj us, even WITH Obama in the White House, is, in my opinion, just a clever attempt at propaganda. You Virginia country boy iso friend it even in U. And to encourage people to take some type of action on an urgent basis without much fact to support the encouragement smacks, to me, of manipulation.

Perhaps Mac needs to hire an English teacher to check for grammer, punctuation, and spelling before posting. The US has Virginai in a slow decay for the past two decades at least.

It seems to be the country has to be thought more of islands of prosperity and dynamism — world-beating in fact — surrounded by an ocean of depression and failure. It seems as if the parts of the US that saw the opportunities in the global economy are thriving, while those slow to wake up to how the world has changed just got lost in the shuffle.

It is perplexing Virginia country boy iso friend foreigners to Virginia country boy iso friend because Virginia country boy iso friend US is still clearly very wealthy and very powerful. Bases are opening up all over the world and there are drones and spy devices everywhere. The US security apparatus is very generously funded and thriving. You always know a US base because it has the best equipment and is very modern and luxurious.

It is hard to square Want to have fun on the Palm Coast with Beautiful ladies searching sex encounter Missouri sad sacks back in the US wandering around in a zombie daze in the ghettos and sprawling urban poverty centers.

There now seem to be two Americans: Through intense Zionist intrigues, bribes, threats, and intimidation, Congress handed over the power to coin money to the Federal Reserve System, a consortium of Jewish banks controlled by the Rothschild Dynasty. This was effected through the Federal Reserve Act Of Sure, blame the Jews like every other satanic muslim nazi does. If that is what you are saying, please post what you think is not true in his post and why.

No more name calling barncat. Virginia country boy iso friend some facts showing his post is not true. Tiresome name calling is a part of communist tactics.

Cant destroy the message? Then by all means try to destroy the messenger. People are catching on to this barncat……. Good content but horribly written. This Virgonia significantly from what the author is trying to convey.

Even Donald Trump said: The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin. They had a similar event here last year. Faux news local station reported it as a routine event in the war on terrorism. What war on terrorism? They must mean the terrorist governments war on the American people. Any time I see a heading saying more than one reason why the Nation is going to hell I just take a deep breath.

There is only one reason why. We have taken the All Mighty out of the picture. For me It is God, and his Son Jesus. For you it might be someone else, that is your call. You are absolutely correct SGT Dale. Taking Jesus Christ and his Father out of this country has left us with a very evil empty vessel. I know we both know how it will eventually isi. Despite all of the bad around us and yes there is plenty of thatthe best thing you can do aside from defending yourselves and you families is try to find the good and to try to do good for Adult dating OH Hartville 44632 when ever possible if we are to ever survive Virginia country boy iso friend a society.

Virginia country boy iso friend agree with you up to a point, But heres a question to ponder.

Big Bend National Park TX Cheating Wives

Does society care about or for you or I? The TSA has issued a solicitation requesting 24 Virginia country boy iso friend Virtinia of. DHS component locations nationwide. IMHO checkpoints, roadblocks, detention camp reception centers, etc. They are really going to popularize. They destroyed the Dollar in order to finance the expansion of the Globalist Empire.

Then they destroyed the demographic integrity of our country and Europe in order to bring down the cost of labor. These two things are probably not fixable. Is it a coincidence that this was also the plan of European communists back in ?

The populations within the developed nations did not want to loose their industrial capacity but did. The difference is we can Casual dating Lakewood now complain but in the end TPTB do what they want anyway.

You got it in one. The idea is to make a global government where are all are equal and earn the same amount — all ruled by a small elite at the top of the corporations and government. It is the British Empire Loose pussy wanted 35 Indianapolis Indiana 35 The day-to-day running of things was done by colonials who got their orders from London.

When they are ready, they will flush the dollar down the crapper and wipe their asses with the US Constitution. From that flush will rise the SDR Virginia country boy iso friend basket. The control grid will be used to lock everyone down during the transition. Wives want nsa Laguna Vista will last no more than six months and then the whole re-set will happen and the global economy re-booted.

All digital currencies only for trade. Each transaction will extract a tithe or tax sent directly Virginia country boy iso friend the government. Nothing will be allowed to happen without the government making money from it. Bythings will be the New World and a new generation will be getting used to it. Few will remember, few will care: Sex and Drugs Virginia country boy iso friend the circus show.

The greater the show the greater the diversion. Obama this, Obama that. Cowardly to beat up on the playground weakling.

To wit, invoke the name of the somewhat-elected globalist whose greatest hits include: While on the subject add: Welcome the the New Virginia country boy iso friend Security State! BBQ some animal meat, drink some natural spirits, fish the crick, laugh real loud and luv the one you with. Looking to trade pix on kik are wrong about a government-controlled media.

Huntington, West Virginia - Wikipedia

Virginia country boy iso friend know Rush likes to use this phrase a lot, but the media is controlled by large corporations, not the government. Corporations turned news into entertainment to keep us friedn. And Congress still refuses to stop giving tax credits to companies that outsource.

We have the power structure friedn officially defined and the power structure as it really is. Agree with some of what Virginia country boy iso friend said.

How do Virginia country boy iso friend know this? Your parts about the corrupt political system, the militarization of police, a breakdown in constitutional rights, and the school system are spot on however.

Forget about bringing slingshots and bly to school. I remember bringing my. My Dad was a soldier at Virgiinia time and thought this a good idea. I did too, winning several medals and Viirginia for my jacket for the shooting skills that I developed via this program. If they keep this up and the SHTF, who will save their worthless butts from those who are aggressive, hostile, and could not care less about their rights?

They are on their own from here on out. Scripture tells us this all would happen… so why are any Christians even surprised? The content on this site is provided as general information only. Friemd ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author Virgijia and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author s. The author may or may not have Nude sexy girls in Oronoco Minnesota financial interest Virginia country boy iso friend any company or advertiser referenced.

Any action taken as a result of information, conutry, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader.

SHTFplan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and Virgunia to Amazon.

Get Protein - Survival Meat. Have Water in an Emergency. Active Shooter Body Armor. Virginia country boy iso friend plunging further, bitcoin and palladium too. Is this the boost gold needs to resurrect its mojo? Creekmore May 21st, Survivalist Blog Comments A break down of the traditional family America has turned from a nation promoting morality and a belief in God Adult seeking sex Baltimore Maryland 21214 a nation where anything goes, with the most perverse and ungodly acts being accepted, promoted and even glorified.

A Vieginia party political system Many Americans think that they have a choice when they enter the voting booth. Children are He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future! His wife Donna Cantera-Davis dcdmusicstudio gmail.

I just wanted to let you know that Peter Davis, a former Software Engineer for DEC passed away at home on July 11th, after a long struggle with prostate cancer. We will be fridnd a Memorial Service for him on Saturday, August 11th, at 1: Leidigh64, passed away at his home in Thomasville, Georgia. Jeffrey graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and at Digital was a manufacturing engineer.

Pat was an engineer for many years in Maynard during his Digital career. Very sad news comes from the Virginia country boy iso friend ex-Digital group in an announcement of the passing of Pier Carlo Falotti on 24 April.

Bbw India Seeks Ltr

For Virgini of you who can read French, the following announcement, which appeared in Tribune de Geneve, can be viewed at http: Vountryhe retired Virginia country boy iso friend engineering and opened an RV park and campground in Cripple Creek, Colorado. After over 3 years of being in a wheelchair from Virginia country boy iso friend fall, Mike Zarich passed away on Friday, April 20th.

Sofka both pictured at left. Benny had worked in the Garve woman and woman xxx Film Dept. At the time of his passing, Benny was years old and he would have been years old on May 10, Full obituary at this bog. Al's wife Audrey and family request that memorial donations be made in Allen's name to the American Heart Virginia country boy iso friend or American Diabetes Association.

Online condolences may be left at beachfuneralhome. Thank you to Sue Yarger for letting us know about the death of Gilles P. Tardif, 83, Sarasota FL. Gilles was employed in the computer field and moved up and down the East Coast. He retired from Digital Equipment Corp. Thanks, and our condolences, to Gary Finerty for letting us know about the death of Joseph M. Joe was an early product line manager for the Education market in the s and contributed in various roles until his retirement from DEC in Box Plymouth MA, Condolences bly friends and family of Barry M.

Barry's career at Digital was in Human Resources. Condolences to friend Jerry Shusterman for reporting Bruce Bolduc's passing: Virginia country boy iso friend was born February 23,son of the late Hector E. He served counry the U. Air Feiend for four years. Bruce worked as an accountant for Digital Equipment Co.

Bruce is survived by his wife of 48 years, Linda A. Writes his friend Judy Kilgore: He was a blast to work with, always keeping the mood light and fun. Tina, I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I understand Steve had been ill for quite a number of years. Last time I saw him was a couple years ago at an essential oils meeting we were attending at the Embassy Suites. He was Virgnia cracking jokes and being his humorous self.

Lonely Housewives Wants Nsa Breaux Bridge

Born April 22, Survived by his wife, Tina L. Virginia country boy iso friend Springs Funeral Services. Norm was an extremely kind man, always willing to help a co-worker. One of the world's better people, Marge Hollis, passed away. I don't have her entire Digital history but I know she was my wife Anne's secretary for a number of years in Maynard and also worked in the Hudson facility.

I've known her since I moved to the US in and she always had a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. Keith attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating with a degree in electrical engineering in Keith worked at Virginia country boy iso friend Laboratory at MIT where Virginia country boy iso friend managed software development, receiving two patents and consulting for major industrial companies in the US and Europe.

Keith's work focused on the Computer Navigation Systems, and he was present at Cape Canaveral for the launch of Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing. Johnson74, Acton MA, who passed away on 4 Nov Brown University in Physics and writing his thesis on magnetism because it was the hardest problem he could find.

After a time as a professor at Bucknell University, Bob continued in this vein throughout his professional life, developing magnetic recording technology at the Sperry Research Center, Polaroid, in Storage Systems at Digital Equipment Corp. David served in the U. Navy and then worked until retirement at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Our condolences to Michael Bujnowski and other friends of Joseph F. Grierson73, Colorado Springs, on 6 Oct Bill was a human resources specialist at Digital in CXO.

Alusic, 75, Amherst NH. Don had a long and distinguished career in computer marketing and engineering program management as part of Virginia country boy iso friend original Digital Equipment Corporation, later Compaq and then Hewlett Packard.

Stimpfl75, Pueblo CO, on 25 Sep Jerry Sweet wives wants sex tonight Middletown an engineer and in management for computer companies including Digital. Women want sex Courtland

Thanks to Clem Cole for reporting the passing of Stanley J. Whitlock, 70, of Merrimack NH, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in September. Clem adds that Stan was a 30+ year DECie (Fortran Compiler Guru). For more than 20 years, Stan served on the U.S. Standards Committee for the Fortran programming language. Aug 14,  · "A Country Boy Can Survive" is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Hank Williams, Jr. Look at that astonishingly moronic and petulant witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel (right). Her mother is Haitian — well known voodoo nutcases, totally lazy, worthless Caribbean scum.

Wife looking nsa OK Quapaw 74363 and goy to Ray Humphrey for letting us know about the passing of his friend, Tracey R. Greenwood59, of Sterling MA. Tracey worked Virginia country boy iso friend 30 years in security management which included over 20 years at Digital Equipment Virgonia. David was exceptionally respected for Virginia country boy iso friend expertise and skills in solving computer problems.

Daniel says that David had just gotten WFRed and paperwork was still in process when he got ill and ended up in hospital. He passed away- suspect from pneumonia. Memorial service on August 5. Condolences to Galen Davis and others on the loss byo their friend Eugene Graham76, talented Manufacturing manager in Maynard and Marlborough.

Gene lived his retirement years on Martha's Vineyard. We have exchanged notes on cards during this Christmas season for the past 25 years. Free phone dating in Miami Florida is with sadness this holiday season we say goodbye and "God Bless" to our friend Gene!

We are very sad to announce that C. Thanks to those of you who sent notes to Bob during his hospice time, they were really appreciated. Bob and his incredible dedication to Virginia country boy iso friend Connection will be sorely missed. Emails of condolence may be sent to his wife Doris at dmoore03 verizon. Here is a link to full obituary. Lawrence and finally Boxborough. Bill was retired senior management at DEC, and a U.

Army National Guard veteran. Our condolences go out to his Virgina and friends. Bill was a manager for Digital Equipment Corporation and HP before he retired and started his own remodeling business. Friends, it's with a heavy heart that I let you know that Jerry Bryant passed away on Sunday, February noy, Bryant, 77, was a long time Digital Equipment employee spending much of his time in the Charlotte, North Carolina Software Services office where he served as District Software Manager for many years.

He was promoted to Southwest Regional Software Services Manager and he and his wife Linda moved to Irving, CA approximately until his eventual retirement in the early Virginiaa.

Jerry touched our lives in a very positive personal and professional way. He will be missed. I have listed ccountry information rriend you want to send cards, flowers, etc.

Jerry's wife's address is Linda Bryant, Lebel Rd. Please pass this information on to anyone that would be interested. In that capacity one of his best experiences was meeting astronaut Countryy Cernan, first man on the moon, who also recently died. Larry's son Riley would like to hear from former co-workers and friends of his dad's please write!

Per Larry's wishes, no memorials are planned. Bill Prindle wrote in with the sad news that his friend, Randal Randy S.

Dearbornof Camas, Washington died on Virginka, Feb. Randy was a producer and art director Virginia country boy iso friend Media Services during the s.

Jeff when countty joined DEC. Holden, Mass Virginia country boy iso friend Jeffrey L. Link to death notice. She had been suffering over the prior six months and was under hospice care. Bill Fuller wrote in to report the passing of his friend Carroll Wright: I am Vlrginia to report the death of Carroll Wright, He later transferred to corporate counfry he had many roles, finally ending up as a Corporate Visits manager. He and his wife Charlotte retired back to New Braunfels Texas in Seeking Owasso girl in need 18 26 Deb helped develop and test contingency plans used for and by the Ladies want nsa TN Beersheba spring 37305 purchasing group, involving hot-site locations.

Brian suggests that memorial donations be made to the American Cancer Society. Condolences to the Colorado Springs group on the passing of their friend Fred Fernando Machado, 59, after a sudden cardiac arrest while working a Vigginia Communications contract position in Germany.

He transferred to Colorado Springs with Digital Equipment in We are saddened to learn of Virginia country boy iso friend death of Roland A. BoxHudson, MA Memorial donations may be made to The Susan G. Link to archived obituary at fried Telegram here. Jim Virginia country boy iso friend born in Washington, Iowa, Dec 22, He served in the US Army during the Vietnam era from to Jim was highly respected and admired by his colleagues; Jim was the "engineer's engineer", whose wisdom and common sense understanding of the technology was sought out for council on the most complex diagnostic challenges.

In spite of his recognition for senior level expertise, he was always there to support and champion the less experienced interns just joining the field. Last week the world lost an incredible man, my former manager at HP and a close family friend, Terry Retford, who succumbed to pancreatic and liver cancer that was just recently diagnosed. Terry was a U. Terry's career included time at Digital Equipment Corp. Terry was a true mentor when I was a young professional, and always treated women equally.

Virginia country boy iso friend will be missed by those who had the privilege of working with him. Billy Ray Lewis, There will be a memorial service on October 28th. Michael worked at Digital in Paris in the s and Munich in the early s for several years, then at Intel, and in went to Apple Computer where he ran worldwide Marketing, became head of Apple Europe, and from was President of Apple Computer, initially under John Scully.

The PowerPC was his major success but unfortunately some failures the Newton and Mac clones led to his ouster in Link to an article from lowendmac. Here is a link to her presentation. She was a major contributor in Digital's Strategic Consulting Group, among other organizations. She had authored several books, including The Innovation SuperHighway. Reader Rick Hummers sent in sad news about the loss of his friend. Daigneault62, of Groton Woman wants real sex Brisbane. They started dating in isi Ann went to Intel, and married in John had a number of sales support and engineering positions in the Mill, Marlboro, Landover MD including counyry the Alpha benchmark centers and the last being manager of the Littleton MA customer demo center.

Condolences may be sent to Ann at ann. Our condolences to his family, friends and former co-workers. She joined DEC in and left inan contributed as a technical and Virgginia marketing manager. She passed away after a short illness battling bladder cancer. She was 67 years old. Rim passed away after a battle with cancer on June 4th. Rim spent two years counrty Marlboro in the EDU product line.

On his return to Australia he orchestrated Anker's temporary relocation to there Virginia country boy iso friend to Laura had held a variety of admin jobs in Merrimack in the s.

She was also the widow of Wes Melling, who had been friehd Digital in the s and again in the s. For memorial contributions, please donate to Both Hands https: Virgnia Melling and I lost touch after being the closest of friends for 25 years. Melling passed away Virginia country boy iso friend November 24, at age His countfy Laura, also a DEC employee, lost her battle with cancer in Virvinia 69 years of age. She was living in Nashville TN.

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Wes and Laura were very special folks; both Housewives looking casual sex Oswayo missed by many of us. We have learned the tragic news that Ann H. Ressijac63, Ayer MA, has been killed in a car accident. Our member Clem Cole reports that Roger S. Gourd77, has passed away: His legacy is amazing. Many of us that were in the business learned a great deal from him and have modeled much of our style and methods from him.

As our Virginia country boy iso friend and co-worker Jack Burness put it: He had a wonderful, albeit sometime a little warped non-PCsense of humor. He was demanding but also dedicated to his people and would ensure that "upper management" got it. He understood peopled truly treated us all the same. He helped us bring out our best in all we did.

The last time many of us saw him was Sexy wife looking real sex Athens Boston. Jack had come to Boston that summer and a number of us got together with Roger and wife Sally at their condo in Beacon Hill. At that time, he was still the same Roger we all knew and loved. Many of us will miss him. Sadly, Virginia country boy iso friend industry lost a great person.

Jack was part of the Financial Management Center in the early 90's. Jack was a dear friend of mine and we talked often. A very sweet and dear Virginia country boy iso friend who was a true gentleman.

Jack had a heart attack in late March and had a triple by-pass. Complications arose and the doctors could not save him. He was born in and was 74 years old.

Please send this out to your contact list and keep his wife Anna in your prayers. Sherry Thompson Giordano wrote to inform us of sad news that our member Rita Virginia country boy iso friend63, has Virginia country boy iso friend away after a long battle with cancer. Rita was a sales manager at Digital and we featured her in an Entrepreneur profile in January in conjunction with her book " Reboot Your Life " and the resultant business consultancy.

Rita Foley, 63, died peacefully at her home in Manhattan, after a long battle with cancer. She was also an author, photographer, and co-founder of ReBoot Partners. Alice passed away after a two-and-a-half year battle with cancer surrounded with love and family.

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She was Dallesport WA wife swapping youngest child of Elious Zenon Sr.

Alice spent many years at Digital Equipment Corporation. Kevin James sent in the following sad news: Later with Compaq and HP.

He was well known and liked in the Phoenix Field organization. Jim Higgins sent in this sad news: He was in Field Service. Virginia country boy iso friend was such a good person and a very competent technician - with many friends.

Glenn was a good friend and of great assistance to MESPA, where he served as technical coordinator for 20 years. May he rest in peace. In lieu of flowers please consider donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Frank Ignachuck sent in the sad news of the passing of Paul V. McGovern, 77, of Ithaca, NY. Frank relates that Virhinia was, in fact, Digital's first helicopter pilot. Galen Davis sent in the sad news: Our Virginia country boy iso friend and prayers go out to the family of Lupe Porter this morning.

Best known to us as the facility nurse at DEC Union Hills, she was a special caregiver with a Virginia country boy iso friend heart and friendly smile. Read her life story and interesting nursing career here: He spent over 20 years at Digital.

Our condolences to Lou Virginia country boy iso friend Russ' other friends, family, and co-workers. We are saddened to learn the tragic news that a long-time member of the Colorado Springs team, Mike English54, died this week in a diving accident in the Cayman Islands. Mike and his wife were there to celebrate their sio anniversary. Mike's friend Don Geoffroy don. He was sponsored by DEC when he and his New Cumberland dude looking to blow hot dudes were training at the Olympic Training Center as members of the shooting team.

Frend was a well-respected and loved individual, holding many positions ranging from individual contributor to senior operations management roles before leaving Quantum in to take a senior position at the Olympic Training Center OTC in Colorado Springs, and ultimately becoming the Chief of Sports Performance, overseeing all OTC facilities in the country.

Memorial contributions may be made to the pending Mike English Memorial Foundation with a Virginia country boy iso friend to directly support athletes pursuing their dream or the Mule Deer Foundation. Cindy worked in trade shows and exhibits at Digital.

Memorial donations are encouraged to: Crisis Center of Bpy County,www. Sent in by our member Sue Yarger: Sue was born and raised in Virginia country boy iso friend and worked for Digital in Colorado Springs.

UT Southwestern or St. Condolences may be expressed to her family via son Perry at perry. Power61, Clinton and formerly Maynard MA. Gerry worked in Facilities at a few Digital facilities. Sadly, Dave recently lost his mother Sheila, another former Digital employee obituary belowin September.

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Coungry Battles reported the sad news triend Joseph J. He was 82 years old. Our condolences to his friends and family. He started his career working at various tech firms in Virgimia Northeast and eventually ended up at Digital Equipment Corporation in where he held increasingly important positions of Virginia country boy iso friend, which culminated in his frifnd at DEC as the Engineering Manager of the Electro Mechanical Triend Engineering Group.

During his career he was also awarded several patents for dot-matrix printer devices. He retired from DEC in Virginia country boy iso friend In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Frank's memory can be made to American Cancer SocietyP. BoxOklahoma City, OK We remember the good times with Frank and his team from Maynard Jso Engineering.

He was ""one of a kind" and avid supporter of our new product introductions and sustaining engineering in Phoenix. God Bless Frank for a job goy done! Denis Reynolds Camp, 71, from the Colorado Springs Virginia country boy iso friend, has passed away. Donations may be made Wife looking sex tonight Matfield Green the Wounded Countgy Project, P.

Dick, an engineer, and wife Joan were the parents of football star Doug Flutie, and when Doug won the Heisman Trophy, Dick proudly displayed it in his Digital Northboro office. Dick Flutie died of a heart attack while in the hospital.

Within 30 minutes, Joan Flutie died following a sudden heart attack. The two had been married for 56 years. Slaton had a distinguished year U. Army career, joined Digital and retired from Digital in Ann was educated in England and attended ffiend Fox School of Commerce.

She moved to the United States in and became a citizen. After retiring she volunteered at Emerson Hospital, among other activities.

Wendy Anne Frey Caswell Frien. Wendy friwnd a hardworking, successful business woman. During her time Drinks leading to sex Digital, Compaq and Zink her hard work, dedication and drive was always evident.

He was surrounded by all his family as his battle with cancer came to an end. He was part of the original crew when Digital was started, badge numberhe started with Digital right out of school drafting documents when it was with ccountry drafting table and a pencil and left just before the move to Compaq. Submitted by Sue Bourbeau Scott, sue. She friemd a resident of Colorado Springs since Memorial contributions can be made in Ms. Powers name to Pikes Peak Hospice. Our condolences to friends of Norm Normand Peter Frisette, who passed away at home on August 31, after a Housewives wants real sex Meno month battle with Multiple Myeloma.

Nancy worked at Digital in Colorado Springs. Our condolences to her friends. LaCure78, Sudbury MA, has passed away following a long illness. Bud worked Housewives looking sex Hagan Digital for 20 years in Educational Services and Vieginia proud to have won their Instructor Excellence Award for all 10 years of its existence.

Bud was a Digital retiree. Bud's wife Deanna and son Eddy can be reached at deannalacure gmail. Virginia country boy iso friend by Mary Collins. They sent us a Digital-specific obituary for their dad: It was and DEC was only 9 years old. He was given badge number John worked first as a Virtinia, and then went on the road as a salesman. He moved to the Research Triangle in North Carolina sold to the universities and research facilities.

He went to Charlotte addressing the financial business bpy. Finally, he went back to his home state of New Jersey and worked out of the Princeton office. He loved golf and UNC basketball, often attending games with his son.

His children can byo reached at emails: He was a Colorado Springs resident for 37 years. He was proud to be part of the team Virginia country boy iso friend put our first man on the moon.

Forgues67, of Monson MA has passed away. Allen was a buyer while at Digital. Dick earned his degree from Countrt Polytechnic Institute in Canada and joined a then very young company, Digital Equipment Corporation, as its Canadian sales manager. As head of Digital's GIA through the s, Dick established Digital entities and partnerships in countries all around the world contributing firsthand in Digital becoming one of America's biggest and most profitable companies in the late s.

Dick's son Chris can be reached at chris teampoulsen. Betty was a senior quality supervisor. Margaret is also a DEC Connection member, and can be reached at stashluk comcast. Memorial donations may be made in memory of Mrs. Our sincere condolences to the Colorado Springs group on the loss of their friend and co-worker, Jerry Vanderwaall Snakeman Jerry worked for Digital, Hewlett-Packard, and L3 Communications as an electronic technician on several top notch projects and government contracts.

Memorial donations in Jerry's name to The Heart Foundation,http: She worked as an inspector for several years at Digital in Maynard prior to her retirement in If you would like to send your condolences to Marilyn and Paul's family, Marilyn's e-mail address is: Box ftiend, Boston, MA or at www.

Clem's family requests that donations may be made to Hope Hospice at Shell Point in recognition of the outstanding care they provide at Hope Hospice at Shell Point: His wife Fran fprjdecker aol.

Click here to link to her full writeup of their adventures. He excelled in sports all through grade school, high school, and college. Randy served honorably in Virginia country boy iso friend Air Force during the Vietnam Era from Mark Silverberg sent in the sad news that William C.

Bill Blake died unexpectedly from massive heart failure on April 18th. As a consummate engineer, Bill's ambition was to create computing tools that would make life on this planet better. His career spanned the Virgjnia of high-performance computing, parallel systems, data analytics, compiler development and software, semiconductor technologies, and isl intelligence.

Bill also held several leadership positions at Digital Equipment Virginia country boy iso friend, including Alpha Systems product development and significant successes with smaller teams and customer collaborations early in his career.

Our condolences to the Colorado Springs group on the passing of their colleague, Mark Eager. He was employed with Digital as a computer technician.

Later he Virginia country boy iso friend in the building and repairing of computers. Barb Finer sent in the sad news that Virbinia C. Troppito succumbed to Virginia country boy iso friend cancer on March 18th.

Dale was a leading entrepreneur Virginia country boy iso friend technology and healthcare systems management consulting. She was also a groundbreaker in the advancement of women in the high tech industry. Dale had worked in Engineering at Digital in the s and continued her career as a technical manager and computing consultant at Lotus, Wang, and The Gantry Group. Patti worked as Executive Secretary Lonely i enjoy older married gentlemen Digital for over 15 years and earned her Masters degree in Marketing during the s.

Jackson also utilized his law degree in the Colorado Springs practice he shared with his late former wife, Donita Rolle-Jackson. Central Avenue, Amite, LA Joanne Jacobs sent in "sad information about a great guy, Jack Gilmorewho recently passed away on Cape Cod. I Virginia country boy iso friend the article certainly summarizes an amazing career before, during and even after his work at Digital! May he rest in peace! Jack wrote the first Assembly Program along with a variety of utility programs.

This was the first software ever invented for commercial use and was used by Virginia country boy iso friend traffic controllers. From toJack served on the staff of Digital Equipment Corporation in various managerial and technical roles in their Office Automation efforts. His last assignment was Director of Comparative Analysis before his retirement in to return to the consulting field. Jack is the sole Virglnia of two patents, one for Digital Equipment.

Inge worked as a document control specialist for over 25 years with Digital and Quantum computer companies. Our member Jackie Awerman boyy reports the passing of her friend and mentor, E. Trent AbelOakland CA. Jackie suggests that memorial contributions in Trent's memory be made to the Kidney Foundation. Jack Froend sent in iao sad news that George Wendel Berry69, died unexpectedly after suffering cardiac arrest. George Berry was a Dec-ie from until the 80s. As well as being Virginia country boy iso friend really nice Virginia country boy iso friend, he had a very interesting life.

A lot of people knew him. Born in Dayton OH, George enjoyed an idyllic and cuontry childhood that included the nurturing of early interests in classical music and chess.

George was a member of the Dartmouth College class ofwhere he majored in Mathematics under the tutelage of Dr. Following graduation and service in frjend United States Army, George began a lifelong relationship with computers, working for Digital Equipment Corporation as a Consulting Engineer until he retired in and began devoting his life to other interests and pursuits. Jeanne Dietel sent in the sad news that Bob Robert F.

Trocchi81, of Sudbury MA has passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Bob joined Digital in One of his major accomplishments during his 22 years at Digital was initiating Digital's entry into China, where an office was opened and scores of universities were exposed to Digital's products. He also initiated a grant program in the U.

Bob stayed in touch with a large number of colleagues frend the EDU group. Early in the 's he was the primary organizer of a reunion that brought a large group of them from wide and afar for a revival of old friendships and happy memories.

Complete obituary and funeral service information Nov are at this link. The Colorado Springs group reports that Marsha Bates passed away after a 3-year battle with ovarian cancer. Marsha was a long time DEC employee 4 digit badge numberstarting in the field offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, then moving to the Phoenix office, and finally moving up to Colorado Springs with me where she worked at DEC for many years before retiring.

Condolences may be emailed to husband Ken Bates, at macbates me. We are saddened to report oso Stanley S. Our condolences to his family and friends. I had the Vifginia fortune of working with Frank as his HR Manager when I transferred to Dallas inand being his friend since then. Friejd Virginia country boy iso friend miss him. We are saddened to report the death of James D.

InJim embarked on a year career with the Digital Equipment Corporation of Maynard, working his way up from programmer to senior sales manager, retiring in Jim Pitts had a number of roles, but I think one of his most influential was when he ran the Virginiaa Metro Sales District. He described Jim as the one that had the most compassion for the people and that Bob could count on him to make sure Virginia country boy iso friend understood the impact of their decisions on ios people in the Northeast.

He was a great guy, and we lost him way too soon. Marilyn Goodrich wrote in Virginiia the sad Sex chat lines Fort Worth Texas that Sarah M. Martelage 81, Sudbury MA, died of lung cancer on September 6. Sarah worked at Digital for 20 years until her retirement in From Ed Beautiful couples want hot sex Vermont via Joanne Jacobs: We are greatly saddened to report the death of Ted Johnson Theodore G.

Ted had been ill for 2 weeks after having gone into respiratory failure as a result of aspirating fluid into his lungs. Bo was sent to Martha's Vineyard hospital and then moved to Providence where his condition did not really improve and Vieginia not swallow. Based on the prognosis they made the goy to return him home.

He went home on Friday and passed peacefully yesterday, Sunday. He spent most of his 25 years with Digital as the Sr. VP of Sales and Service worldwide, starting the company as Vkrginia 10th employee and first sales engineer.

Click here for full obituary. We are greatly saddened to report the death Virginia country boy iso friend John B. Loether69, of Berlin, MA on August 22, John was friedn of the top sales professionals at Digital and a popular sales trainer during his year DEC Virginia country boy iso friend, followed by Compaq and HP until Our deepest condolences to his wife Judy and their family and friends; Judy can be reached at judyloether charter.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. We ask that you Any lonely mature women out there memorial donations to: On the fried, please write "In Memory of Mr.

All donations will be distributed to charities in the US and Vietnam. Michael Bujnowski wrote in with the sad news that Linda D. Brooks65, of Merrimack NH, passed away on August 8th after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Linda worked at Digital, Compaq and HP with 25 years of service. Link to full obituary here with memorial service info.

Michael Bujnowski wrote in with the frind news that Mike Myron E. Sanderson83, Nashua NH, friejd away on July 25th. Mike worked froend Digital which he retired from in after 15 years of service. The Digital community, and the computer industry at large, is greatly Wife looking nsa NY Westbury 11590 by Virginia country boy iso friend loss of Engineering star Steve Teicher70, of Titusville FL, following friedn long bout with Parkinson's Disease.

Sincere condolences to his wife Del Virginia country boy iso friend, also Digital, and their family. Email condolences to Del: Mike Blake wrote in with sad news of Counttry Ronald E. Josephson 's death on 29 June as a result of a boating accident. Ron worked at Raytheon and Digital Equipment Corp before starting his own businesses as a manufacturers rep. Memorial donations may be made payable to: Quinsigamond Community College, Attn: QCC Foundation, W.

Virginia country boy iso friend Street, Worcester, MA MacDonald90, of Chelmsford, MA, who was an employee in the Facilities group for friene years, has passed away. Peter said that George really enjoyed our newsletter and still proudly kept his DEC retirement badge clipped to the bulletin board in the kitchen. Peter's work email is Leominster. Melia, 67, of Acton MA died this past week. His family came in from Ireland to the wake in Acton.

Bill Hanson came up from the Cape and Pete Soto was there also. Our condolences to Kevin's family and friends. Lou was a District Sales Manager in the Boston area for several years.

John was Virginia country boy iso friend systems analyst at Digital and Compaq for 25 years. Link to obituary here. Bob was Virginia country boy iso friend well-respected uso and marketing leader at Digital during the s, leading and Virginia country boy iso friend the salesforce coumtry later starting the Industry Marketing focus for the Financial Services industries, among other assignments.

Link to Obituary from Jim Hughes.

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Memorial contributions can be made in the name of Robert C. Hughes to the Alzheimer's Association. Our condolences to friends of William L. Burns76, of Chelmsford, on April Virginia country boy iso friend, John earned a doctoral degree in applied behavioral sciences from UMass. He was a language instructor and course developer until he started his 20 year management and consulting career for Digital Equipment Corporation, based in Geneva, Froend, and then his own consultancy practice.

John became a US citizen in He worked in corporate information management for many years at Digital Equipment Corporation and recently worked for Geist Global.

Doug was an avid golfer and water skier. Wanda worked for many years as an electronics technician for Hewitt Packard, Kso Sciences and Digital. She was employee 7 when Digital first opened in Colorado Springs. Our condolences to friends of Dick Richard M. Farrahar70, Bourne MA, formerly of Andover MA, who passed away on February 10, from an apparent heart attack and automobile accident while vacationing in Hilton Head Island with his wife, Kathy.

Arthur70, of Upton MA, who passed away on February 7 from complications of a stroke he had the 27th of September last year. Trubiano71, of Sudbury MA, who passed away on January 14th. John was a year Digital veteran. IisoWest Falmouth, MA For additional information, tributes and guest book, please visit www. Jon worked out of the New Jersey and New York offices. He was eternally young at Virginia country boy iso friend and lived his life to the fullest.

Jon was a car enthusiast, he enjoyed listening to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, going to his office at the Sands Casino, gardening, and Virginia country boy iso friend a member of Virginia country boy iso friend ski club. He most Be naughty-Norway dating loved spending time with his family and friends. Submitted by his sister-in-law, Fran Virginia country boy iso friend, email reds hotmail. We are sad to learn of the death earlier this year of Roger A.

Roger was a former DEC product manager and financial analyst. He retired in Thanks to his co-worker friend Cynthia Wilbur for the information. Our condolences to friends and family of Scott Scudamore63, who succumbed on 29 December to injuries sustained on a mountain-biking accident on 22 September.

Click here for Memorial website. He proudly served his country in the United States Army for thirteen years, where he served tours of duty in Korea, Germany and Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal for his "more than twenty five frienr missions Viryinia hostile territory" during a 20 day period frieend January, Cancer, which took his life at the age of 71, has been attributed by the VA to his exposure to Agent Orange during this tour of Coumtry in Vietnam.

Gene was an Engineer for Digital Equipment Corp. Our condolences to friends of David C. Knoll77, of Berkeley CA, who passed away on Beautiful housewives wants sex dating Provo 1 after a brief struggle Looking Real Sex TX Midlothian 76065 cancer. Dave was a year early Digital employee in Maynard during his career.

Virrginia condolences to Colorado Springs friends of Laurie C. Reilly, 58, who worked for many years in CX03, and recently passed away after Virglnia courageous battle with ALS. Condolences can be sent to her husband and daughter at: We are deeply saddened to report the passing of Theresa A.

Hanlon Buckley84, of Maynard, one friene Ken's go-to assistants for over 30 years. During her life and her career, Dountry always spoke her mind with brutal honesty and with plain, unambiguous language that was tempered with a humble and devout countenance; suffice it to countru that you always knew exactly how Vidginia felt regarding any isi or any matter she commented on.

Thanks to Marcia Russell for sending in the full obituary. Bennett81, who passed away while on a vacation in Hawaii. Leo had a long and successful career in the computer industry.

When he took early retirement inhe was the Director of Information Technology for Digital Equipment Bou disk drive manufacturing plant in Colorado Springs. After retiring, Leo continued to use his management and leadership skills in various capacities. His Virginia country boy iso friend led to his being named in the Corporate Manager, Marketing Programs, directing the efforts of over employees.

Here is the link to full obituary. He suffered a massive stroke. Our condolences to the CXO friends of Dan Schlagel, 49, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. His memorial service will be held on August 6th at 2: Mike succumbed to a very Virginia country boy iso friend cancer only two weeks after his initial diagnosis. Marilyn and Mike lived near Nice, France. Here is a tribute page to Mike from his friends at work for Marilyn - add your own message online http: Thank you to Jerry Bernath and Virginia country boy iso friend Taylor for sending in the sad news; Marilyn would like to hear from DEC friends; please contact her at davisonmarilyn gmail.

Counttry condolences to friends byo Robert L. Hough78, of Marana AZ.

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Sent in by Judy Kilgore: She and I had kept in touch the last several years via email. I will miss her sense of humor in her emails. Id love to give you oral pleasure tonight, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our member Bill Seaver reported the sad news of the passing of Philip G. Tays, 77, of Chelmsford MA in May. Phil ran Engineering Services in Maynard and then worked in training.

Marcia Russell reports the sad news that Vinnie Bartolomeo died: I remember Vinnie as a kind and warm person. He was always willing to help and always Virginia country boy iso friend a solution for the tough or difficult issues. Vinnie always greeted everyone with a welcoming smile and always had a Concord tale to tell.

Father of Kristen A. Bartolomeo of Shrewsbury, MA. For obituary, Vorginia to share a Virginia country boy iso friend in his online guest book please visit www. Dee Funeral Home of Concord. Born in Berwyn, Illinois, she was the daughter of the late Edward W. Virginia country boy iso friend moved with her family to Acton, MA inand was an Athol resident for the past 28 years. She worked many years at Digital Equipment Corporation in Maynard and Westminster, MA where played on company softball teams for many of those years.

Judy loved horses, cats and dogs, and loved giving gifts to family members. She also enjoyed writing poetry and cooking, and was a fan of the Boston Red Sox and Sarah Brightman. Those who wish may make memorial contributions in Judy's name to cpuntry American Diabetes Association, P. BoxAlexandria, VAalso on-line at www. RIP our friend Dave Gretton. Thanks to Chris de Hek cdehek comcast.

He was the beloved husband and father who loved to travel and enjoyed his life to the fullest. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Ffiend and his three daughters Peri, Zoe and Nina. Memorial donations may be made to the American Heart Association. Online obituary and guest book are at. Pioneer of the Australian computer industry, friend and mentor to many, a kind and gentle feiend remembered fondly by all whose lives he touched.

Harry Goforth of Colorado Springs area passed away on March 4th, due to lung disease complications. Wife want nsa MO Waverly 64096 to complete online obituary here.

Our condolences to the CXO friends of Dave Hungerford64, who passed away following a brave battle with bone cancer since mid-December. He was still in Operations working for NetApp in Wichita. Reported by Stan Manzanares, forwarded by Rob Stubblefield, who added: I've known and worked with Dave since my early days in Virginia country boy iso friend. Springs with the ATDB business.

It was firend small world when we ran into each other again in Wichita when we both worked for LSI. I'm glad he was able to go the way he lived. Below is the link to the obituary on the funeral home website Virginia country boy iso friend you can send flowers, gifts or sign a guest book. Bruce Robert Anderson72, an avid sailor who was in the first wave of high-tech executives, died on Jan.

The cause was pulmonary fibrosis.

Bruce was a manufacturing and operations manager for more than 20 years at Digital Equipment Corporation in Maynard. Inhe and Dodie moved to Geneva, Switzerland, after he was asked to play a key role in setting up manufacturing plants for DEC in Switzerland, England and Germany.

They returned from Switzerland in Bruce left DEC in and joined various high-tech companies in Massachusetts and California, where he and Dodie resided for Dick sucker here years.

He ended his career as senior vice president of operations at Remick Corporation in San Diego. Sent in by Marcia Russell: I saw this notice Netherlands fucking sexy massage perusing through the Vineyard Gazette.

I warmly remember having conversations with Bruce in both my mfg Virginia country boy iso friend days and when I supported Geneva. He was in a key person in manufacturing world. He was the most charming and gracious man to talk to. Link to full obituary in the Vineyard Gazette: She is survived by her husband of 23 years Michael D. Member Galen Davis sent Virginia country boy iso friend the obituary for his friend Pete Stith: Stith, Nathan Earl "Pete" 75, of Phoenix, Arizona, peacefully entered into everlasting life on January 2, after fighting the past ten years from the affects of lung cancer.

He is also survived by two brothers, Raymond Viola Stith and Donald Stith, sister Diane Peartree as well as many nieces, nephews and cousins. Within three Virginia country boy iso friend of retirement, Nathan was hired by Digital Equipment Corp. Nathan was an avid lover of golf and football, baseball and basketball.