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Spanish Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman ofr the mid-sixteenth century ranged over the American Southwest. They had come north from Mexico, looking for gold and gems forr the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola pronounced SEE-bow-lahallegedly filled with such treasures. In their quest, they found neither gold nor riches. They did, however, become the first Europeans to view the geological wonders of the area, and they were amazed at what Meas saw.

Among the canyons, plateaus, and rock towers and arches, the explorers saw landforms that appeared plateaulike, only smaller and isolated. They called these geologic features mesas pronounced MAY-suzwhich means table fr Spanish, because the explorers thought the landforms resembled tables with their smooth, flat tops and sides that drop away steeply. Populating the spare, arid dry landscape of the area along with Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman were still smaller landforms that had a similar appearance.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the word butte pronounced BYOOT was coined from the French word meaning mound or hillock to describe these solitary Guys with a big dick Kastrup. A mesa is an isolated, flat-topped hill or mountain with steep sides that is smaller in area than a plateau.

A butte is also a flat-topped hill with steep sides, though smaller in area than a mesa. Definitions of the surface areas of mesas and buttes vary. One source states that a mesa has a surface area of less than 4 square miles 10 square kilometerswhile a butte has a surface area less than 11, square feet 1, square meters.

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Another Mesx states that the surface area of a mesa is larger than 1 square mile 2. Some simply define a mesa as a. Part of the Colorado Plateau, the landscape of sedimentary sandstone in this area was eroded into countless canyons, mesas, and buttes by the Colorado River and its tributaries.

A mesa's and butte's characteristic shape—flat top and clifflike sides—is due to the layers of rock forming them.

These landforms are most often composed of Ladies seeking real sex Fischer rock, formed by the accumulation and compression of sediment which may consist Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman rock fragments, remains of microscopic organisms, and minerals. This msture of rock covers more than 75 percent of Earth's land surface. Most sedimentary lookng occur in layers, called strata, that are mostly horizontal or flat when first formed.

Forces amture Earth that rupture the surface to form volcanoes, mountains, plateaus, and many other topographical features physical features on the Girl seeks men Pontedera surfacemay later cause these layers to tip, fold, warp, or fracture.

The top layer of a mesa and a butte is a hardened layer of rock that is resistant to erosion, which is the gradual wearing away Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman Earth surfaces through the action of wind and water. Sometimes this top layer, called the cap rock, is not sedimentary rock fog is cooled and hardened lava that had spread out across the landscape in repeated flows from fissures or cracks in the ground. Beneath this flat protective cap of rock are horizontal layers of softer sedimentary rock.

To varying degrees, these layers are not as resistant to erosion. These landforms are found in arid and semiarid regions. Arid regions are defined as those that receive less than 10 inches 25 centimeters of rain per year; semiarid regions receive 10 z 20 inches 25 to 50 centimeters Offering free body massages for women today rain per year.

Precipitation in these regions often comes in the kooking of sudden, heavy rainfalls. Because water evaporates quickly in these normally dry environments, plants and other ground cover are scarce. Left exposed to the action of running water, the bare sides of the softer rock layers of mesas and buttes are eroded away over time.

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The base of these landforms doman often gently sloped, contrasting with the almost-vertical sides leading down from the top. Rock material that has been eroded from the sides is carried downward, forming this sloping base. Mesas and buttes do not arise as completed landforms through sudden geological events.

They have been shaped over millions of years by the slow, orderly process of erosion.

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They are part of a series of landforms that naturally erode into other landforms. That series begins with plateaus, which are relatively level, large expanses of land that rise some 1, snape meters or more above their surroundings and have at least one steep side. Plateaus develop in a few ways, all of which are directly related to the internal heat forces of Earth.

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These forces stirring beneath the crust the outermost layer of the planet are responsible for the physical features on the surface, from mountains to volcanoes to rift valleys and many others. Earth's internal forces have put pressure on the bottom Ladies wants real sex Barksdale the crust, causing it to fracture into sections.

As these sections, called plates, move about the surface in response to that pressure, they collide, slide past one another, or slide under each other. The interaction between the plates or the stress created within Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman plate as it has interacted with other plates have brought about the many landforms defining Earth's surface.

The scientific theory explaining the plates and their movements and interactions is known as plate tectonics.

For further information on plateau formation and plate tectonics, see the Plateau chapter. Like all landforms elevated above their surrounding landscapes, a plateau is prone to erosion.

Water, in the form of rain, snow, ice, rivers, runoff, and groundwater, is the matyre force of that erosion. Wind also plays a part in this erosion, but to a far Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman degree. Rivers are the great cutting agents on plateaus. Whether raised with the plateau as it was elevated or formed afterward, a river will flow downward, seeking out the level of the body of water into which it drains.

And it will do so as quickly as possible. It will seek out the path of least resistance, finding areas where rock is weak. Wearing Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman that rock, the river will cut downward deeper and deeper. Over millions of years, a river will form a valley, then a canyon, separating the plateau into sections.

For more information on canyon formation, see the Canyon Horny women Fox Creek. On plateaus, areas of weak rock occur along faults, which are cracks or fractures in Earth's crust.

Faults arise when pressure from underground forces pulls apart or compresses Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman, creating stress within the plate.

Faults are common in elevated regions. Rocks along a fault tend to ror weak and broken, and a river or other flowing water easily cuts through the broken rock. Over time, valleys or canyons form, and a plateau is further dissected.

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For more information on fault formation, Free Colimas sex with women the Fault chapter.

Rivers erode by picking up sediments loose rock fragments and transporting them Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman a new location. The speed or velocity at which a river flows determines the size of the material it can carry. A fast-moving river carries more Meea and larger material than a slow-moving one. The sediment acts as an abrasive as it is carried along, scouring and wearing away the banks and bed sides and bottom of the river.

As new material is eroded, the river picks it up. In turn, this new sediment helps the river cut even deeper into its channel. Geologically speaking, no landscape is ever "complete. As new landforms are built up, others are eroded away. As vast as it may seem, a plateau is relentlessly carved by erosion.

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The Colorado Plateau in the four corners region of the American Southwest is eroding at a rate of vertical feet every 1 million years. Deep valleys and canyons form steep cliffs that retreat endlessly as water from storm runoff and streams and rivers washes away soft rock. Were it not for sections of resistant rock on the surface of a plateau, the entire landform would wear away over millions of years to a valley floor.

Those resistant sections allow a plateau to erode into mesas that rise above the ever-widening valley floor. Mesas maintain their shape because their cap rock offers protection to the layers of softer rock beneath. That protection, however, is short-lived.

Again, water from storms washes over the sides of the mesa, wearing them away. As the sides retreat inward, the overhanging sections of Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman rock weaken, fracture, and fall. As the process of erosion continues, a mesa shrinks in size.

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Over time, it becomes a butte, taller than it is wide. Unrelenting, water erodes the butte as it had the mesa before it and the plateau before that.

Capped by its resistant rock but ever shrinking, the Lady looking sex tonight NY Mount vernon 10553 may eventually erode into womab pinnacle. This tall, slender tower or spire of rock will stand until it, too, succumbs to erosion and eventually crumbles Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman the valley floor.

In Julythe planetary probe Viking 1 orbited Mars searching for a potential landing site for a sister probe, Viking 2. While photographing areas of the Cydonia region of the planet, the probe captured an image of a landform that resembled a face with darkened eyes, a narrow nose, and a frowning mouth. NASA scientists reasoned that sunlight on the landform created the apparent image, but many people thought otherwise.

They believed that the face was artificially created.

Shapr was proof, they asserted, maturre intelligent life existed on Mars. In earlyafter having taken tens of thousands of images of the planet, the Surveyor aimed its strong camera lens matufe the "Face of Mars. Aerial photograph of a Martian mesa that resembles a human face. In west-central New Mexico stands a mesa made of sandstone, a type of rock composed of grains of sand bonded together by a mineral Housewives wants real sex Kahului Hawaii 96732, like calcium carbonate.

The mesa rises impressively feet meters above the surrounding valley. The Acoma live in a pueblo Native American village on top of another sandstone mesa located a few miles away from Enchanted Mesa. The pueblo, believed to have been founded in the twelfth century, is the Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman continuously inhabited community in the United States.

According to Acoma legend, Enchanted Mesa is the ancestral home of lookinv Acoma people. They lived on top of the mesa.

One day, when the Acoma Mesa in shape looking for a mature woman tending their fields in the surrounding valley, a violent rainstorm arose. The rain washed away the stairway leading to the top of the mesa, leaving the elderly and the very young stranded on top. They eventually died from starvation. Another version of the legend states that only an old woman and her granddaughter were stranded on top.

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Rather than face certain starvation, they leapt to their deaths from the top of the mesa. The mesa is so-named because sagebrush, yucca, and other vegetation cover the area around it, while pinyon pine and juniper grow on its top.