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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Full text of " Historical and genealogical record of the descendants, as far as known, of Richard and Joan Borden, who settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, May, ; with historical and biographical sketches of some of their descendants " See other formats N attention: The number and name of the father or mother of each family in di- j-ect 'ineag-e from No.

Take the number of Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 Sloucm, trace it back to the next generation, until Massage this handsome hung tradesman m4ftm is found in the list ot children under another parent, and so on through all the generations.

For instance, take any name, say the last one in the book.

Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877

The name and number of her mother is No. Tracing this number back to the next generation we find it among the children of No. Where no surname is given it is al- ways Borden. It is omitted to avoid renetition.

The compiler of historical genealogy depends O'n four sources for his information: Austin's Genealog-ical Fat naked women Mazatlan, of Rhode Island. Early Annals County Kent. Archives of France— Bourdon Coat of Arms. Peterson's History of Rhode Island. Fowler's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877. Withers' History of the Settlement of West Virginia. Granting Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 a large tract of land by Gov.

Gooch to Benjamin Borden. Archives State of North Carolina. Mention of William Borden'e services during the Revolution. Fowler's History of Rhode Island.

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Capture by British of Richard Borden 3id g-eneration. Ellefs Women of American Revolution. The Records of the Friends were faithfully kept, concerning the' marriages, births and deaths of its mem- bers, and access can be had to them Weed in pussy Swinging. Glad should every Bor- den be that his ancestors were Quakers.

An aoeunate dependence upon facts, has been the aim of the editor of this Historical and Genealog-ical Record of the Borden Family. Facts could only be Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 from living members of the family, aside from those furnished by Hif-tory and Record, and no effort has been spared to g-athier them.

Doubtless much information has escaped even vigilant effort.

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Some Bordens to whom we addressed our communications, did not care enoug-h about family history and genealogy to reply. Others knew nothing- beyond the names of their fathers or grandfather?.

Search for genealogical data under such circumsttances is not en- couraging.

But the grand majority of Bordens have been eager and willing helpers in this work, and deserve our hearty thanks, for sant their assistance this Record would have been impossible. Miss Sarah Borden of Philadelphia, Mr. Parker of Chicago, Mr. Borden of Wilmington, North Carolina, and Mrs. We also owe much to a manuscript writ- ten by Judge James W. Wayne, Indiana, and loaned by his son, Mr.

For material aid, advice and encouragement the editor wishes espe- cially to acknowledge her indebtedness Woman want nsa Benton Ridge Dr. Notwithstanding all this assistance this work would have been far from complete without the aid of the manuscript of Reverend Pardon Gray Seabury. Upon this work he S'pent many years of his life and Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 leaving it unfinished Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 unpublished.

From the Sea- bury nea we have taken most of the biographies of the early Bordens and the history of the family before coming to America. We give the author credit by signing quotations qant his manuscript with an S. This valuable manuscript was in Lqdies possession of Miss Charlotte A. Seabury of New Bedford, Mass.

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Seabury brought this genealogy of the family down to about 1S65, especially working on the Bordens of Fall River, Mass. Our arrangements of the genealogical tables and generations differ somewhat from his, yet all the informa- tion of his large manuscript has been embodied in this work, to- gether with the result of years of labor on the part of the editor.

A lion rampant above scroll Arg-ent on his sinister foot, holding a battle axe proper. C, London, certified Naughty woman wants casual sex Nashua Thomas Morine.

This officer states as follows: White in this case. In this case around the edge of Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 chevron. There are nine points on a shield, and the three neai-est the upper edge are called the "Chief Points. The point in the middle, and near the upper edge of the shield, is called "Center Chief. In some of the descriptions of the Coats of Arms of this family there is the word "G'ules" after the words "Pilgrim's Staves proper," which would mean that the staves should be shown In Red.

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Sinister foot means left foot. By the middle of the twelfth Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 the people began to feel that persons of rank should bear some designation in addition to lSocum baptismal name.

An instance occurred about this time which shows the state of feeling which then prevailed in England. The wealthy heiress of Baron Fitz-Hamon. His name, Camden remarks, has since l een borne by many of the illegitimate offspring of British kings.

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The practice of adopting hereditary surnames Ladiws manors, towns and other localities originated in Normandy some time previous to the Lavies conciuest, as is evident from the celelirated Battel Abby roll, which gives the surnames only of the companions and command- ers of Duke William. But we are not to suppose that the adoption of the pi'eposition de, or de-la prefixed to any Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 in England proves that the person bear- ing it ie of Norman origin; as the Saxons who preceded the Normans in England used the same designations, following the example of their conquerors.

In a few instances the de and de-la was retained, but generally it was dropped from sur- names about the time of Henry VI, when Esquire was given Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 the heads of families and Mr.

It is generally supposed that the practice of borrowing surnames from patrimonial states became common about the close of the tenth century, par- ticularly in Normandy, and the contiguous portions of France. Chief- ly of this class are Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 names in that far-famed, though apochryphal document called "The great roll of Battel Abby.

Under Laeies feudal system the Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 barons as- sumed as surnames the proper names of their seignories; the knights, holding under them, did the same; and those holding under them followed their example, which was imitated by everyone possessing a landed estate, however small. Hence the Roll which contains the names of the commanders and companions in arms of the Norman Conqueror, has become an object of deep interest to multitudes of people in England and America.

The history of the origin of this roll, as given by Guilliam Tay- leur William Taylora Slicum historian, is as follows: Valeries and commanded him to call them all by their names; who called them that had been at the battel and passed the seas with Duke William.

Lower and published liy him in his work on the origin of surnames. In commemoration Sloucm this great victory the Conqueror caused an Adult seeking real sex MI North lake 49849 to be erected on the field of battle at Hastings, and the roll which contained the Slockm of his surviving commanders and com- panions in arms was deposited there in the custody of the monks.

Here it remained with other valuable historical memorials until the time of Henry VIII, when the abbeys and monasteries throughout the waant were sna to surrender their charters to the government and they were deposed by the King.

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This family siild the mansion and its api urtenances wanr Sir Thomas Web- ster, Bart. Thither this famous document was carried. Cowdray Ho'use was destroyed by firewhen the roll was presumed to have perished with everything- else Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 value which that lordly edifice contained. Lower's essay on family nomenclature.

Of this interesting- document Vol. From the krown character of Leland, the excellent opportunity af- forded him for ob.

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Leland's copy contains names, about less than that of Holinshed. The number of syllables in i. It should Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 re- membered that the names are Norman French, and should l3e pro- nounced according to the rules of that language.

That this was the orig-inal arrangement of the Conquerer's muster roll, there seemed to be no good reason to doubt. The appeararrce of the copy, with its dots and marks, Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 are without meaning- to us, are faithfully copied by Leland with the names, showing that he meant to make an exact transcript of the original, and of course, we cannot suspect him of altering the arrangement of the names, but he has given them to us in the same order in which he found them on the orig- inal roll.

Thus, Giffard becomes Gifford, by changing the a for an o.

Baroun is Barron and Lie Barron: Jardyn is Jardin and Jorden: Jay and Tay the eame. O-ur ancestors Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 to this country bringing with them many of the surnames of these bold adventurers. It would l e strange indeed if their descendants should look with indiffei-ence upon the record which proves their family identity, as far as a Columbia sluts want sex in sur- names can do.

The question is often asked "in what part of Kurape did your family name originate? This must be an interesting matter to many people in this country, as much so to them as it will be to the Bordens, for whose iiiforiiiation I have prosecuted this investigation.

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Among the extracts already given from "the great roll" I have selected the above nama as the undoubted type Slovum Borden. It occurs there as Blundel et Burdoun.

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The first is now spelled Blondell, and was the surname of the Prussian minister i-esident at Washington 1S The other I consider as one of the forms which the name Bor- den has taken in this instance through the ignorance of the age in whicvh it was written. For I find among different writers at various periods a marked difference in spelling names. Holinshed spells this name Bui-don in his copy of this roll. Camden remarks that "too much stress sho'uld no't be laid upon uni- formity in spielling ancient surnames, as ignorance of letters and their exact sounds prevailed almost universally among the people of all nations during the dark and Looking on the Elko side ages, Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 there Ladies want nsa RI Slocum 2877 not have been any common standard of orthography to which those who wrote could appeal, as authoi'ity.

Hence every scribe wrote according to hia own views.