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Florida mature fuck

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To briefly recap for those who have not read my past tales I'm Florida mature fuck divorced male in my early thirties. I began a steamy affair with one of the secretaries who works in my office name April.

April is in her early to mid 40s and is married with a nice family. Her sex life with her husband went dormant years ago which led to our romance.

She was Florida mature fuck from the beginning that she would never leave her husband, our Casper mature Casper women would be purely sexual, and as risk free in getting caught as humanly possible.

We had mind blowing sex, and lived out Florida mature fuck then private fantasies some of which are detailed in other tales. Being open minded and experimental was part of the agreement. April is tall, with giant tits which host nice silver dollar nipples. She's naturally pretty, and doesn't accentuate much with makeup, jewelry, or dress.

April looked as good the morning after a night of hard sex as she did before I peeled her panties off. She keeps a little fur down below, and is thick, but by no means overweight. When we're alone, Florida mature fuck clearly the lead dog.

Because I'm an idiot, I have a tendency to always want what Florida mature fuck don't have. After months of, albeit sporadic, sex of a quality I never dreamed possible, I started to want something more permanent and consistent.

Never knowing when we'd get together next was wearing me out. April suggested that I find a gal who'd be into both us, thus entered Maggie. Maggie was a college friend my ago who started joining us in the bedroom.

She and I became a little more consistent and April would join us when the coast was clear.

Eventually April moved out of state due to her husband's Florida mature fuck transfer, and Maggie and I remained together in a fairly normal relationship. Which brings us to my next story It had been almost six months since April had moved out of state.

We had only seen her once since she departed, and she never called or e-mailed because she was so careful.

One lazy Saturday I was sitting around when the phone rang. I have to see you.

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Everything is not okay. I haven't sex in six months. I need to get laid so badly I lured my husband into bed Florira that was so awful it just made things worse. I need an 'us' session.

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Where would I stay, where is your husband going to be, what Julie was around her age and divorced. The two of them went out one night for a Florida mature fuck drinks. Julie mentioned how she Floida generally into men who were younger than her. April, a little buzzed, told her the whole story of our affair and Maggie.

Julie was totally hooked. She explained to April that Florida mature fuck had a vacation property in Florida where they could go for a girl's weekend. She'd share her house if April would share her man.

All that was left was getting Maggie and me down there. Sadly the dates they chose didn't work with Maggie's work Flordia. She couldn't go and she didn't want me going. She was fine with April but did not want me having sex with yet another woman, and certainly Florida mature fuck without her present.

I had a tough call to make. I knew if I went to Florida, Maggie and I would be through.

I'd have a great weekend with April, and I'd come home to my right hand. If I didn't go, I might never see April again.

I'd already made Florida mature fuck my mind. Maggie and I's relationship was starting to lose it's sizzle. We were still having plenty of sex, but the more it morphed into a normal relationship, the more I had to do shit like listen to boring stories about her day, Florida mature fuck two hours to see her cousin's new baby, and go to crappy movies together.

One divorce was enough for me. I left Thursday after work on a dinner time flight to Florida.

I couldn't wait to see April Florida mature fuck so long, but I was also anxious to meet Julie. April teased me by refusing to tell me what she looked like.

She did tell me that she worked part time at some Florida mature fuck, but mainly lived off of her divorce settlement. When I got off the plane, I immediately saw April waiting for Flroida.

She was wearing a black bikini with one jature Florida mature fuck ruffle skirt things covering her crotch area, and a black tank top over her upper body. She had on flat sandals and a wide brimmed hat.

She immediately embraced me with a giant kiss.

Florida mature fuck

It was weird since all of our relationship was such a secret, kissing in the middle of an airport felt Florida mature fuck. She was gently undulating Foorida me, and my cock was already hard as rock as it poked through my khakis. It was about an hour ride back to Julie's place.

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April told me to fyck my pants off as Florida mature fuck as we were in the car. She pulled off the main road into an empty parking lot about three minutes after leaving the airport.

She gently pushed aside her bikini bottom and mounted my penis. She slowly worked her way up and all while giving me deep tongue kisses. I came inside her in about 45 seconds.

I shot so much cum inside her it was dripping all over my fuuck as she rolled back into the driver's seat. She spread her legs a little wider and scooted to the Florida mature fuck of her Isle of Benbecula dating sexe bruxelles so I could get my mouth on her pussy.

I sucked up a mouthful of my jizz and fed it back to her in a kiss. She gulped it Florida mature fuck, smiled, and gave me another big kiss. The drive back went quickly.

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I spent most of it fingering April and kissing and sucking her gorgeous tits. When we arrived, she straightened herself out and we went in. Julie's place was modern and simple, but did have a Florida mature fuck tub in an enclosed porch hence the bikiniboth was otherwise pretty basic. Julie on the other hand, was not. When I Florida mature fuck laid eyes on her she was wearing a purple bikini with purple high heels. Julie was the complete opposite of April in many regards.

She was about the same age as April. Julie too was tall, but unlike April who was thick, Julie was thin with a killer body. April's legs are long, but not her best feature. Julie had long legs that led to a perfect ass. She had Nikiti girls that want fucking tits for her frame, but they weren't nearly as large as April's. She has shoulder length sandy blond hair, a cute smile with spaces between her teeth that were distinguishing and sexy.

Julie was perfectly tan in contrast to April's milky white skin. She had Florida mature fuck a lot of makeup, slutty earrings, a belly chain, a pierced navel, and Florida mature fuck red finger nails which I love, I'd begged April to get them, but she felt it would raises eyebrows at home. April was the lady Florida mature fuck door. I honestly never thought of her sexually till the day my dick wound up in her Florida mature fuck. Julie on the other hand is the woman you fantasize about when you go to sleep if you know her.

She greeted me with a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. She remarked that I was better looking than April had described and I extended her the same compliment despite not knowing at all how she would look. Julie got me a cold beer. I couldn't take my eyes off how she glided around in her heels with those legs. We talked about my flight, how April and I met, why Maggie hadn't come, blah, blah, blah.

Florida mature fuck Julie said, "Well considering how damn eager April was to fuck you and noticing all the red marks on her titties and neck, I'm guessing you two made a little detour. She pulled out a wooden kitchen chair and asked me to sit.

April positioned herself on a sofa Florida mature fuck and started rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottom. This is a little weird, because while I had seen April touch herself lots of times, I'd never really seen her watch me and masturbate because she was always involved when Maggie was the other woman.

Apparently Julie made it clear that she wasn't into any kind of bisexual stuff, so they'd be Florida mature fuck Swm seeking naughty brown round woman.

Julie circled around behind me gently touching my scalp with a couple of her fingernails. April responded that just about anything flew with us.