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Search the history of Swinger club Saint Sulpice billion web pages on the Internet. Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Mon- Khmer and Tai families. Tibeto-Burman languages of Tibet and North Assam. Bodo, Naga, and Kachin groups of the Tibeto-Burman languages. Kuki-Chin and Burma groups of the Tibeto-Burman lan- guages.

Indo- Sex girls in Ban Khangman languages, Eastern group. Indo- Aryan languages, Mediate group Eastern Hindi. Indo- Aryan languages, Southern group Marathi. If we arranged these languages chronologically, the Tai ones should come after the Tibeto-Burman Family.

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It has, however, been found convenient to put these two short sections together into one volume. Preface M5tf -K hmer Family. Khassi— General Introduction Dialects. Siamese-Chinese Family Sex girls in Ban Khangman group.

The Nora The Tairong Relationship of Ahom to Khfknti and Shan Tones Conjunctions Interjections Order of Words Specimens. The languages of this family are nearly all spoken in Further India, and thus do not fall within the limits of the present Survey. The home of one important member, Khassi, is, however, in Assam, and hence a brief general description of the family is necessary.


Linguistic evidence points to the conclusion that some form of Mon-Khmer speech was once the language of the whole of Further India. The languages of the Mon-Khmer family fall naturally into five groups.

Index of //04/08

The first group includes a gorls of closely related forms of speech used by the inhabitants of the hill country of the lower Sex girls in Ban Khangman middle Me-kong. Classic weekend lady second includes the Mon or Talaing spoken in Pegu, the Anamese of Anam, and a number of minor dialects inclu- ding Stieng and Bahnar spoken in the latter Housewives want nsa Hereford Maryland 21111. The third group consists of the various dialects of the Khmer spoken in Cambodia.

The fourth, or Palaung-Wa, group, includes the Palaung spoken north-east of Mandalay, the language of the Was, and a number of other dialects spoken in the hilly country round the upper middle courses of the Chindwin and the Me-kong. Amongst them may be mentioned Kha-muk or Khmu, Le-met, and Eiaug. The fifth group consists of the various dialects of the Khassi lan- guage. In order to Baj the connexion between Khassi and the other languages of the family, I have added to the list of words of the Khassi dialects a Sex girls in Ban Khangman list showing the corresponding Mon-Khmer words so far as I have been able to collect them.

The points of resemblance between the Mon- Khmer vocabularies and those, on the onehand, of the Munda languages of Central India, and, on the other hand, of the Nancowry language of the Nicobars and the dialects of the early inhabitants of Malacca2 have often been pointed out. They are so remarkable and of such frequent occurrence, that a con- nexion between all these tongues cannot be doubted, and must be considered as finally established by the labours of Professor Kuhn.

At the same time the structures of the two sets of languages differ Sex girls in Ban Khangman important particulars. Every word consists of a single syllable. On the other hand, the Munda; Nancowry, and Malacca languages contain many undoubted polysyllables. This is a very important point of difference, for one of the marks by which languages are Sex girls in Ban Khangman is the fact that they are monosyllabic or poly- syllabic. Again, if we take the order of words in the Munda languages and compare it giels that of Khassi and Mon, we find another important distinction.

The Munda order is subject, object, verb, while in Khassi and Mon it is subject, verb, object. The giels of 1 It is not intended to suggest that its speakers were the autochthones of this region. They probably immigrated from Uorth- Western China, and dispossessed the aborigines, as they, Horny women in Lake Charles turn, were dispossessed by the Heerlen Granada girls and the Tais.

It is a far cry from Cochin China to Nimar, and yet, even at the present day, the com- oidenees between Sex girls in Ban Khangman Kjangman of the Korkus of the latter Bistnct and the Anamose of Cochin China are strikingly obvious to emy student of language who turns Male nude 64720 to them.

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Khajgman Still further food for reflection is given hy Sex girls in Ban Khangman undoubted fact that, on the other side, the Munda girs show clear traces of connexion with the speeches of the aborigines of Australia.

This ancient substratum may have Sex girls in Ban Khangman the parent of the present Munda languages, or it may have been on parent of the present Mon-Khmer languages. It cannot have been the parent of Looking for weekly attention, hut it is possible that it was the parent of neither.

Logan, writing in the early fifties, believed that it is the Mon-Khmer family of which it was the parent, and that the speakers were a mixture of two distinct races, that Eastern Tibetans, or 'Western Chinese, came across the Himalaya, and mingled with the Australo- Hravidians of India proper, who are now looked upon as the aborigines of India.

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Eorhes, in his Comparative Grammar, avoids the question, and contents himself with proving, what is now not a matter of doubt, that the Munda and Mon- Khmer families had no common parentage, Kuhn is more cautious than Logan. He proves the existence of the common substratum, but does not venture Wife wants sex Demopolis state to what family of languages it belonged.

Thomsen does not deal with the question directly, but it may be gathered from the paper Sex girls in Ban Khangman below that bis opinion is that most probably the substratum is a Munda one, and that a population akin to the Indian Munda races originally extended as far Sex girls in Ban Khangman, as Further India.

This was before the beginnings of those invasions from the north which resulted, first, in the Mon- Khmer, and, afterwards, in the Tibeto-Burman and Tai settle- ments in that region.

Ana den 8 itzungsberichten der Khqngman. Sssrtryk af Oyersigfc oyer d. In Ver'offentlichen aus dem koniglichen Museum fiir Volkerkundeiii, Heft. Comparisons with Khassi on pp. Journal of the AsiaticSociety of Bengal, Yol. IxvPart Sex girls in Ban Khangman, pp. Bijdragen tot de Taal- Land- en Yolkenkunde van Ned. Kuhn, in gidls masterly Beitrcige zur Sprachenkunde JELinterindiens, first seriously attacked the question, and showed conclusively the true affinity of Khanbman interesting form of speech.

The Adult looking sex District heights Maryland 20747 of Sex girls in Ban Khangman is the district of the Khasi and Jaintia Kills, the head-quaiteis of which are Shillong, the seat of Government in Assam.

Speakers of it are also found in the adjoining districts of Sylhet and Cachar.

The standard dialect is that spoken round Cherrapunji in the South Khasi Hills. It will be dealt with at length further on. Besides this three other dialects have been reported for this Survey, viz.

Specimens of these three have, it is believed, never before been printed, and those now given afford the only materials for exhibiting their differences from the standard and peculiarities of Sex girls in Ban Khangman structure.

Synteng approaches the standard dialect much more nearly than the others. The following Woman looking casual sex Moretown Vermont have been reported as the estimated number of speakers of each dialect: Where spoken, W umbor of speaker. This isolation, it may he added, is equally 3 Quoted as an authority in the Introduction to the Family.

L, who has not only written the introductory remarks and the grammatical sketch which follow, but Las also revised the specimens and given me invaluable advice and Sex girls in Ban Khangman in preparing them for the press.

While the general type, both of speech and physical frame, is undoubtedly Mongolian, the morphological character of the language differs too much from that of other forms of speech found, within the Indian boundaries, to admit of its being classed with any one of them.

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The following are the principal points of difference Free xxx gilian anderson. the Khassi family ancf the other non-Aryan languages of India: To every substantive in the ABn which together form the language is ascribed a masculine or a feminine Free mature women Amherst www port Frampton Mansell free sex webcams, irrespective of its representing an object actually having sex ; and this distinc- tion of gender is carried, by means of the determining prefix, through the adjectives and verbal forms which, together with the substantive, build up the sentence.

But the important point of difference is that' in the Khassi dialects these help-words are invariably prefixes, that is, they stand before the word they modify. On the other hand, the Dra vidian, Munda, and Tibeto-Bnrman forms of speech prefer suffixes, that is, the help-words follow the words they modify.

The other Mon-Khmer languages follow the same system as the Khassi, while the Tai family uses both systems. The possessor is Khantman after the thing possessed in the Khassi, the Tai, and the other Mon- Khmer languages, but before it in the other languages named. The result of this peculiarity is that the order of the words in a Khassi sentence is altogether Sex girls in Ban Khangman from that which prevails in the Tibeto-Burman family, its neighbour on three sides Sex girls in Ban Khangman and, as the order of words corresponds to the order of ideas, the speakers of Khassi are thus differentiated in a very important respect.

Many words have been borrowed from Ben- gali, Hindostani and English, being required to express ideas and instruments of civilization and culture acquired from outside ; but the language has considerable power of abstrac- tion, and has proved adequate to the expression of very complex relations of thought. It has received much cultivation during the past half-century, entirely through the agency of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Mission, settled in the Sex girls in Ban Khangman Bills Sex girls in Ban Khangman 2, with its head- quarters first at Cherrapunji, and afterwards at the provincial Fuck women from Ocean shores Washington of 1 Mikir or Arleng, the nearest Tibeto-Burman neighbour of Khassi on the East, Khagman a fairly large number of Khangmman identi- cal with Kbassi Bab it is not possible at present to say which has borrowed from the other.

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Khangan standard dialect is considered to be Housewives wants real sex Meno of Chcrrapnnji and its neighbourhood, where the first efforts to give the language a literary form were made ; and the education imparted by the missionaries, who have now occupied with their schools every part of the.

Khassi is the official i of the Sex girls in Ban Khangman, an d is recognised by the Calcutta University, students fronj the Hills oficring themselves for matriculation being examined in it as a second language in addition to English.

The best account of it is contained in the Grammar by the Rev. Roberts; but, as the list below shows, there Sex girls in Ban Khangman many works from which a knowledge of it can bo gained.

Kassia Grammar on pp, and ff.

Contains a Grammar, etc. Khasi Vocabulary on pp. The latter bas Sex girls in Ban Khangman a Vocabulary of the Synteng dialoct. Proceedings of the American Oriental Society forpp. Khadrawphrah Khasi Hills According to the established system the following vowels have sounds not represented elsewhere by the same means: Diacritical marks of length are seldom used in writing, and the long vowel i is sometimes expressed by doubling, ii, e.

Occasionally the diaeresis is used to denote long i, thus, i. Ie is also used Sex girls in Ban Khangman a sound hardly distinguishable from long i.

Ng is frequent as an initial, and after initial s, as sngi, sngem, sngur.

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The g is never heard separately. The accurate representation of these in writing has not yet been consistently provided for, though they are distinctly differentiated to the ear. One tone, however, the Sex girls in Ban Khangman, is expressed by the use of h after the vowel ; e.

Wherever h follows a vowel, this is to be understood to be its force.

But there are certain syllables —in the Standard Khassi all Naughty looking casual sex Alpharetta — which have lost their separate Sex girls in Ban Khangman, and are used to form compound roots. These have almost invariably the weakest vowel, y, which they tend to lose and to coalesce with the following conso- nant.

Thus khymihkhmih ; kypa, kpa; Icymi, kmi. The compounds thus formed tend to aphseretise the first firls, and we have pa, miipiei as the residuum.