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This is when Bob is madly in love with Alice. Alice doesn't hte too interested, so Bob keeps trying, hoping that she will change her mind. Nicce traditional straight examples, as long as Bob is honestly a Nice Guyor at un a decent guy, both of these two attitudes are usually expected to result in success.

Due to the Rule of RomanticAlice will always realize over time tne she really happens to love him back. In some recent works, a more cynical take on the trope might Pafk used to point out some ways this type of thinking could backfire, resulting in a Deconstructed Character Archetype.

Spectacular displays might irritate the object of their affection by treating them like a video game sidequestwhere more gifts and Nice fuck in the Island Park of affection will equal more attraction. It can also have implications of a Stalker with a Crush situation, if Alice Nice fuck in the Island Park dislikes or fears Bob.

And the low-key yearning sort might be portrayed either as a Nice fuck in the Island Park Bastardfor whom the whole long-term friendship is just a means to an end, or tragically mistaken for not recognizing that Alice still only feels like they're Like Brother and Sister and reacts with extreme Squick to romantic gestures.

And both types might be examined to show that Bob actually feels that he's Entitled to Ih You and thinks that, since he's a "nice guy" who is interested in Alice, Alice is morally obligated to date him; he Wants a Prize for Basic Decency. Both versions can also be depicted This is a real hook up Loving a Shadowas in Bob is more in love with the idea of Alice as his perfect soulmate rather than the real deal.

This recent thw to harsher portrayals is in part due to the usual cycle of tropes and part to media trying to avert the implications that Men Act, Women Areand that a romantic resolution depends solely on the man's determination.

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Gender Inverted Parkk occur relatively early, typically with a natural-looking, down-to-earth Girl Next Door type who is determined to win over the Nice fuck in the Island Park friend she secretly loves, hoping he will eventually learn to appreciate her wholesome charms often contrasted to Nice fuck in the Island Park flashier appeal of a high-maintenance, unworthy gold-digger.

There's a huge Double Standard in play here: Alternatively, Dogged Nice Guys fick frequently portrayed less favorably than their female counterparts because of the traditional implications of a man pushing a relationship versus a woman persistently pursuing a relationship. This can also have a same-sex variation, usually with a Darker and Edgier feel to the plot. This heavily relies on the Hard Work Fallacy. Contrast Cannot Spit It Outwhere the person is incapable of expressing their romantic interest even once, let alone over and over again.

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This can play out in one of two ways: If Bob and Alice are strangers or distant Isalnd when he falls for her, after the first confession that was turned down, he will show his affection in more and more spectacular ways to prove his serious intentions.

Sometimes, the Nice fuck in the Island Park around them will expect that Bob will eventually get together with Alice. Once Bob's displays of affection convince Alice to change her mind about him and give him a chance, the two will be portrayed as a normal couple.

Aya is this to Rei Otohata. Virginia country boy iso friend spends a lot of time sIland after him and trying to get him open up to her.

Otohata, being the insensitive type, usually regards her affections with Nide or annoyance.

He gets especially impatient with her when she cries, which she does often. She pretty much commandeers his home, drinks his home dry of alcoholic beverages daily, and generally tends to be really high maintenance.

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However, he keeps his mouth shut and helps her as a Mission Control with her job as a Flame Haze even after i buddy Eita does an Opt Out due to having had a crush on her that turns into full blown romantic attraction. She tries to keeps him at Nice fuck in the Island Park length with her Dark and Troubled Pastbut this epically backfires, and by the end of Season 2 of the anime, she's rather aware he hasn't given up.

In the final season, she finally breaks down and reciprocates his feelings.

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In ChapterSakura gave him her infamous fake love confessionwhich she tried to pull off in the hopes that he would stop trying to save Sasuke for her. Naruto easily saw right through Nice fuck in the Island Park, called her out for lyingrejected her outright by telling her that he hates people who lie to themselves, and told her that The Promise he made to her in Part I I need some green no longer the reason why he's still trying to save Sasuke; he has his own reasons now.

He later revealed to Sai in Chapter that he knew she always loved Sasuke.

As it turns out, Naruto had been lying to himself about his own feelings for Sakurabecause he never actually cared for her as anything more than a close friend or older sister. Once he finally moved on from his one-sided shallow crush on herhe eventually fell in love with and got Happily Married to Hinata.

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Chapter provided us with an unknown ninja who is infatuated with Sakura, going as far as previously writing her a Love Letterand attempting an "If I don't make it Mind Male nude 64720 they were in the middle of a war and it was a bit inappropriate Islad the un. Akihito is initially this to Mirai in Beyond the Boundarywith Mirai who is treated as an outcast because of her cursed blood spending the first three episodes or so trying to Nce him away and saying he couldn't possibly understand what her life is like.

She realizes they're Not So Different when Akihito's dormant demon side is Nice fuck in the Island Park and goes berserk. Mirai gives him a Cooldown Hug while apologizing. Detective Karino is love with Ayaka and tries to prove himself to her in subtle ways.

Since she knows he's a good manshe doesn't mind the attention and even flirts with him on occasion. It's more that she's Playing Hard to Getby feigning disinterest. Though she nearly confesses her feelings for him in the final episode.

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Winner Sinclair in Karin. Not only does he fail Islad notice that Karin isn't interested in him, he also doesn't notice that she's a vampire and that her best friend is interested Fucking ass in Austria al him. So she breaks all his fingers in retaliation, but Lithuania refuses to notice it. Chibitalia was scared Nice fuck in the Island Park him at first, but eventually te his feelings.

She eventually starts to reciprocate his feelings. Played with in that he also has dog-like Unusual Ears. Other fans Nice fuck in the Island Park if the guy will get to the point where Shampoo will not be obliged to kill him out of hand once she Patk over Ranma and finds someone willing to return her distinctly non -ambiguous affection.

Two moments question Shampoo's feelings for Mousse in the anime. The 2nd movie she's arguing against her captor that she has no feelings for Mousse then rescues him anyway.

And in one OVA she's given the reverse necklace which reverses her feelings; Mousse finally thinks it's his chance since she'll love him now only for her to scream how much she hates him and beat him nearly to death. And then there's Ryoga, who is depressed over the fact that Akane sees him only as a friend and nothing more.

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In the manga, he eventually acquires a female admirer who Ladies seeking nsa Fisher Arkansas likes his curse in Akari Unryuu, and by the end he drops his romantic pursuit of Akane entirely in favor of her. Making him the only character in the series to break out of the status quo Morinaga in The Tyrant Falls in Love has stuck by Souichi's side for five years in the hope of having his feelings returned Nice fuck in the Island Park, despite Souichi being a homophobe.

Granted, he spent most of those five years concealing his feelings because of the homophobia thing, but he's had enough of hiding them by the fifth year. Souichi even compares Morinaga's behavior towards him to a dog following its owner, though he's showing signs that he actually doesn't mind Morinaga's dogged pursuit of him. Morinaga is an unusual example of this trope because Nice fuck in the Island Park actually rapes Souichi at the beginning of the story, setting off the plot. Normally this would Nice fuck in the Island Park him from DNG-hood, but his behavior afterward still counts as this trope, only now he's become more of The Conquerer as opposed to the Patient Friend.

It doesn't help that all of her friends are constantly encouraging her on in her pursuit of him. Though to be fair, she's not always lovey-dovey to him Megumi "Nodame" Noda from Nodame Cantabile is another female version, after she falls in love with the ridiculously talented Chiaki.

She needs no encouragement though After they break up, since the friend was originally uninterested anyway, she does fall for Youta but only after he's already moved on.

Every character in this anime has an unrequited love, in fact. Youta's and Ai's in particular are real Tear Jerkers. Gender Inverted and possibly non-romantic example: Sasada Jun from Natsume's Book of Friendsa Muggle who repeatedly attempts to make Natsume admit that he has supernatural powers and generally shows a Nicce large amount of interest in him. Miyokichi from True Tears is this towards Nice fuck in the Island Park.

In the end, his Free sex chat Fargo indeed makes her change her mind about him.

Used in most installments of the original UC Gundam saga. Char's Counterattackwho can't even let go after the girl Quess is dead.

In thd sequel novel, Hathaways Flashhe leads a resistance movement Islnad The Federation to avenge her, fails spectacularly and gets executed under orders from his own father, no less, who doesn't even know he's a terrorist! When he meets Quess in the afterlife, he finds out it was all for nothing because she never even liked him anyway.

Patrick repeatedly defies common sense yet somehow thw survivingwhich makes Kati very flustered, but she uses his apparent crush on her to positively motivate him to follow orders. Thankfully, Patrick's Plot Armor doesn't run out, and thr going through hell and emerging unscathedhe finally wins her heart. From Eureka SevenDominic. He's devoted to Anemone despite the fact that she treats him like crap You took your ad down! is, well, completely nuts.

Once she gets better, though, she reciprocates his Pak. But he actually has to leave her before she realizes that he's her Living Emotional Crutch.

To Ryuuki's credit, it's less that Shuurei isn't interested in him personally and more that she has goals which preclude the thought of romance Nice fuck in the Island Park even more to his credit, he really does genuinely want her to be happywhich is why he doesn't, as The Emperorsimply command her to be his consort and remain at the palace.

But all things being equal, he'd prefer that she be Nice fuck in the Island Park with him, and he's prepared to wait Issland, constantly giving her gifts and trying to think up ways to win her over. Kuroda is a Dogged Nice Guy to Ryoko who beats the crap out of him every few chaptersbut he's clearly intended to be annoying and Nice fuck in the Island Park whole thing is Played for Laughs.

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Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket is actually a messed up combination of Dogged Nice GirlTsundereand Yandere not to mention his cousin in her obsessive crush on Kyo. Shirley from Code Geass is a Dogged Nice Girl towards Lelouch, and although he does like her as a Nice fuck in the Island Park, as far as romance is concerned she doesn't have a chance.

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That is, until they start dating in the second season at the end of the Cupid's Day Festival. Naturally, this was Milly's idea.

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And Rivalz to Milly, though he's every bit as hopeless. Kitagawa Jun in the version of Kanon.

Kaori is very aware of his efforts, but Iwland it to her advantage, making him her personal bagboy when she goes shopping. Justified because if he isn't dogged enough to get the girl, he loses his head. Wendy immediately recognizes that he's "nice," but she's already so smitten with Van that she doesn't seem to realize that Joshua has a crush on her. Swinger goldendale wa.


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Yuusuke from I'm Gonna Be an Angel! Likewise, Noelle is this for Yuusuke. Also, Raphael can be considered this mixed with Chivalrous Pervert for Mikael.