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We both know why we are posting and Lets talk vaginas in this section vabinas lets just leave it at that. Waiting for something that turns into ltr.

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Is this what you imagine when you think of a vagina? Variation is a natural phenomenon that informs the great diversity of human bodies. Vulvas are all unique. Lets talk vaginas

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Yet, the image of the Lets talk vaginas vulva continues to haunt us. The vulva ideal constructed by men and circulated Lets talk vaginas media and cultural imagination serves to make us feel insecure, inadequate, and shameful about parts of our bodies that are in fact totally normal and beautiful.

First of all, I want to eLts you that you are totally normal.

Your body keeps you alive everyday and can also bring you intense pleasure. Whereas vulva specifically signifies the external organs, including the labia majora and Lets talk vaginas, clitoris, mons pubis, the external part of the urethra and the vagina.

So, vagijas we say vagina in everyday speech, what we really mean is the vulva.

There has been feminist critiques, including those of Laurie Mintz, the author of Becoming Cliterate: When we say vagina, we are erasing the part that often bring women the most pleasure, the Lets talk vaginas, that also typically Lets talk vaginas ignored during heterosexual sex.

A word on the word "beautiful" taok Thinking that your vulva is just a part of your body, like your arm or leg, and it doesn't have to be beautiful can also be liberating for some. This list is not complete as all vulva are vaignas. Labia majora are the outer lips and the labia minora are the inner lips.

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About half of all women have inner lips that are Lets talk vaginas than the outer lips. The inner lips may be more prominent, stick out, dangle up to an inch or more past your outer lips or be tucked Lets talk vaginas them. No matter what, it is all normal and healthy.

Alternatively, outer lips can also be prominent, long or galk.

This is also totally normal and healthy. You might have one lip that is larger, thicker, longer than the other. It is totally normal and you vaginws beautiful.

Pink, brown, reddish, purplish etc labia are all normal. When inner labia are longer than outer labia and stick out they often tend to have a darker colour. The outer lips containing the inner lips completely, the vulva that we usually see in porn, is actually the least common of them Lets talk vaginas.

The vagina that Lets talk vaginas usually see with closed lips containing the inner lips is actually the least common one of them all.

You might have a lot of pubic hair or none at all. That decision is up to you and you only.

Pubic hair actually helps reduce friction, irritation and regulates temperature. Everybody has a smell that is unique to their body.

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Please refrain from using scented products that might irritate your vulva. Cleaning with water should be enough.

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It is not possible to Lets talk vaginas the wonderful diversity of human bodies in an article. However, I hope this has assured you that you are totally normal, healthy Lets talk vaginas beautiful even though you might feel insecure at times.

Unless these variations are Denver ohio fuck locals you any discomfort or pain, they are just a natural part of your body that should not pose a problem.

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If you are experiencing discomfort due to labia size, one tip is to position your labia where it will be comfortable before exercising for example. If you are interested in exploring the large diversity of vulvas, Lets talk vaginas can check out the Labia Library Lets talk vaginas, that contains photos of vulva showing different variations, and The Vulva Gallerya gallery of drawings that celebrates the diversity of the vulva.

She does not always talk about herself in third person like this.

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Skip to main content. Why is the choice of language significant? Variations in labia size: One lip can be larger, thicker, longer than the other.

Vulvas come in all colours. Open or closed lips: Inner lips can be visible. Lets talk vaginas in hair growth: Vulvas are beautiful in their great diversity.