August 24, 2015

Pennsylvania Dutch Pepper Slaw

Pennsylvania Dutch Pepper and Cabbage Slaw

Labor Day is approaching, the kids are starting a new school year, and the end of summer is here. Over the next two weeks, I thought I would share a few recipes to celebrate the Labor Day holiday, and the unofficial end of summer. This is always a bittersweet time for me. While I will miss the hot, lazy days of summer, truth be told, autumn is truly my favorite season, and I am always eager to usher it in. I love the cooler temperatures, the brilliant red and orange hues of falling leaves, the bounty of the harvest, and, of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving. For now, though, I am in no rush, and will simply savor these last couple of balmy weeks.

August 20, 2015

Summer Peach and Sausage Pizza

Summer Peach and Sausage Pizza with Basil and Caramelized Onions

Peaches are so ripe and juicy this time of the summer, I just can’t resist them. They are one of those fruits that I enthusiastically eat my fill of when they are in-season, and when the season is over, I leave the fresh ones alone until next year. None of those rock-hard peaches found in supermarkets in the dead of winter for me!  I also like to freeze and can a bunch of peaches in the summer, so that I can use them in cobblers and other recipes, as a reminder of warm, sunny days during those cold months of winter. 

August 6, 2015

Sweet Corn Succotash with Bacon

Sweet Corn Succotash with Bacon

In my mind, succotash is kind of an old fashioned dish. It was popular in our grandparents' generation (especially if your grandparents lived in the Northeast U.S. or parts of the South), but doesn’t seem to make much of an appearance on menus today. It was also a popular dish during the Great Depression because it was cheap and made from common ingredients (just the kind of thing we like around here). It's simple goodness of is exactly what makes it a perfect side for a family meal. I like to make it as an easy side dish full of fresh, summer vegetables, and topped with a little bit of bacon, just to make it extra good. (It's also great for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas).
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