March 30, 2015

A Cedar Planter for Herbs

Although some might not find it worth the time and effort to grow vegetables, for me, the value in it is huge. There have been years when I have had space for a large garden, and others I only had a place for a few little pots on the patio, or a windowsill. No matter what kind of space I've lived in, however, I've nearly always made the effort to grow something - simply because I find the investment to be small compared to the rewards. The vegetables just taste better than what I can buy in a supermarket and, frequently, I end up saving some money. Plus, there is some comfort in knowing that I am able to provide my family with at least some of our food, and not have to rely entirely on the industrial food system.

Elevated Raised Herb Planter Bed
Elevated Cedar Herb Planter

This past weekend, my husband and I finally made the time to start getting ready for our summer garden. Right now, we're temporarily living on a barrier island off of the coast (while saving for our dream property in the mountains). Since garden space on our island is limited, we'll be growing all of our vegetables and herbs in raised beds this season.

This first planter is for herbs, and will have a home on our deck, right outside the kitchen door. (I've always found that I am more likely to use fresh herbs if I have easy access to them while cooking.) I love this planter because it's roomy, and because it's elevated. I also love it because it only cost about $20 to make. I'm lucky that my husband is a fantastic carpenter, and he made this in a couple hours out of some inexpensive cedar fence boards. At first glance, I was a little worried that the small dimension of the legs wouldn't hold the plants and the wet soil, but since he's a structural engineer that builds lots of big buildings, I decided that I would trust him on this point. Plus, he climbed inside and sat in the box just to demonstrate his point to me (oh ye of little faith).

Now, I know that my husband plans on putting a little trim around the top to make the planter look a little nicer (although I don't think it needs it). I've asked him to draw up some sketches for the plans, so that I can share them here. If he gets around to it, I will do just that, but if not, then these plans from Ana White are a good source of inspiration:  $10 Raised Cedar Garden Beds 

Next up, will be some raised beds for planting all of my little seedlings that are currently hanging out under fluorescent lights inside the house: 

Vegetable and Herb Seedlings

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